A dangle a day book review

A Dangle a Day Book Review

A Dangle a Day

Lettering & Designs with Charms for Every Season

by Angela Porter



I’m a sucker for a good beginner book. One that doesn’t create intimidation or doubts when you read it or follow instructions. And this is one of those!

I simply adore this book. Full of little dangles and doodles that you can add to notebooks, bullet journals, or anywhere really. They are so simple but so cute!

These dangles have so many elements, that even when they are simple, they look detailed.

I’m great at designing clothes and putting stitches together, but when it comes to drawing, sometimes I need inspiration. And this book not only provides me with tutorials to follow and make the exact same dangles, but I can also use it just as inspiration and create my own little dangles.

Although I would mostly use it to decorate my bullet journal, I would also use it to create my own handmade greeting cards. My kids love to make them for grandma and grandpa, so this book will come in handy to give them some ideas and direction.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for ideas and tutorials for easy journal decorations.

Find a copy here: Dangle A day


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