A day in Eklutna Lake, Alaska.
Is no secret that Alaska is full of nature, hike trails and National Parks.
Some of them are easily accessible from the main roads, and others only by flying or sailing exactly where you want to visit.

Since we are stationed in Alaska one more time, we’re trying to enjoy and visit some of these beautiful places that are family friendly and will allow us to enjoy it with 3 kids.

Eklutna Lake is one of those places. Is close enough to the city, so it won’t be a long trip for the kids to get too tired or grumpy about.

Eklutna Lake Alaska

This place also offers options. You could go directly to the Lake, which is a very short walk, or you can also go on the hiking trail.
One of the hiking trails welcomes pedestrians, bikers, and skiers (during winter). And there is even a place to rent bikes if you forgot yours or don’t have one.

Eklutna Lake Alaska

How to get to Eklutna Lake

Eklutna Lake is about 1 hour from Anchorage by car.
You just need to take Alaska 1 North past Eagle River until the exit for Eklutna Lake.
We used Google Maps Directions because they are so simple to follow, and the map updates as you move.

Parking at Eklutna Lake

Chugach State Park offers a very convenient parking lot right next to the Lake and start of the hiking trails. There is a $5 fee to park for the day. You could also get an annual pass for $50.

Eklutna Lake Trail System

Eklutna Lake area has 3 different trails. You can find a guide here: Eklutna Lake Trail System.

Eklutna Lake Map

I’m sure that if you decide to visit this area, you would like to be prepared. Or maybe you are just a little curious, in any case, you can find a map at the end of this brochure: Eklutna Lake Trails and Map

Eklutna Lake Brochure

If you want to know more about Eklutna Lake, Alaska, you can check out the Brochure here


A day in Eklutna Lake, Alaska

And last, I just wanted to share a quick video of our trip there.


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