Anime skit free knitting pattern

Anime style skirt free pattern


This knitting pattern is for all the otakus out there, all those who love anime style clothing, and for pleated skirt-lovers.

This pleated skirt is really easy to make, as it only uses the knit and purl stitches.



Some yarn or thread (I used worsted)
Round knitting needles size 5

Size: US Medium



K – Knit Stitch
P – Purl Stitch
Kfb – Knit front and back
Pfb – Purl front and back

Anime style skirt free pattern

by Mary Dickerson

Cast on 190 st. and join to work start in rounds.

Section 1: K1, P1 for 6 inches (about 15 centimeters)
Section 2: Kfb, Pfb, until the end of the round. (380 sts)
Section 3: K2, P2 until you achieve the desired length, mine measures 11 inches (28 centimeters) and then fasten off
(of course, you can make it shorter or longer, is up to your taste)

Belt (Optional): With a different color yarn, (or same if you prefer) create a long belt, knitting on the right side, and purling on the wrong side.
Mine measures 1,5 inches wide (3,5cm) and 34 inches long (about 86 cm). To achieve this length I used 230 st for the cast on, and 10 rows. Once finished, just sew to skirt.


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13 thoughts on “Anime style skirt free pattern”

  1. I don’t understand the line “K1, add 1 st, P1, add 1 st. Does this mean all the way around? Pretty skirt, I will make it for my granddaughter. Thank you.

  2. Hi, I love this skirt and am knitting one for my granddaughter. I have two questions. What weight yarn did you use? Worsted? And what is the measurement of the waist, or width? Thanks!

    1. It makes me so happy that you love the skirt!
      Yes, is worsted yarn. And the waist measures about 36 to 37 inches when stretched (sorry, I can’t give you a accurate measurement but I already gifted this skirt)
      Also notice that the pattern is just Knit and Purl, so if you need to make the waist smaller, you ca easily do so but just keep an even number of stitches, and then you can follow the pattern just as it is.

  3. Could you give us a gauge? This pattern would fit me, but my DIL is tiny and my grand-daughter is almost 8 and very small 🙂 I KNOW they’d love this – especially matching <3

    1. I am so sorry. I made this pattern when I was still a newbie that didn’t know about gauge! And I gave this skirt away as a present, so I can’t go back and calculate it. I am SO sorry!

  4. I’m sorry – I forgot to ask – what method do you use to add a stitch? Do we pick up a strand in between – or yarn/over – or knit front and back? Thank you for your time and the pretty pattern!

    1. I used knit front and back. Picking a strand in between will also work if you prefer to use that method. But don’t do a yarn over as it will leave a hole.

    1. Hi Santie! I;m so glad you’re making the skirt! If you share a photo on Instagram, please tag me (@craftytuts) so I can see your finished item!! 😀

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