Basic Crochet Fingerless Gloves. Free Pattern and video tutorial that will show you how to create a basic crocheted fingerless glove.

Basic Crochet Fingerless Gloves Free Pattern

Basic Crochet Fingerless Gloves Free Pattern and Video Tutorial

Basic Crochet Fingerless Gloves. Free Pattern and video tutorial that will show you how to create a basic crocheted fingerless glove. Use this pattern as a base to create many other fingerless gloves, play with colors, stitches and appliques to make it unique.



I’m constantly inspired by the weirdest things when it comes to creating new patterns. One of them is Cosplay. I am a fan of anime, comics, and cosplay.

Many characters often use all kind of accessories, and gloves are a very popular piece in many comic or anime characters but is not always easy to find one that is the perfect color, shape or size.

For this, I created a very easy and basic pattern for a pair of crocheted fingerless gloves, with this simple and basic pattern, you can create so many varieties by simply changing colors, using other stitches, making it shorter o longer, adding buttons and other add-ons.

Use the pattern as is, or use it as a base for your own creations, your imagination is the limit.

To make it easier to show and explain I created a short video, showing the stitches used and how I put everything together, I also show you where you could add extra stitches and make it longer, or wider, and so on.

Even though you don’t need a pattern to create this basic fingerless glove, I still wanted to share it with everyone, so you could decide what works best for you to learn. You could first follow this pattern and then see how to adapt it, follow the video instructions and make your own from scratch, or combine the two, and start following the basic creation of these fingerless gloves and then add your own touch.

What you need to know about the Basic Crochet Fingerless Gloves Pattern:

Skill level: Beginner

Size: Medium (Video shows how to adapt the pattern to any size desired)


Gauge: 8 stitches x 10 rows = 2 inches ( 5.08 cm approx.)

Stitches Used:


Pattern: Basic Crochet Fingerless Gloves

(Make 2)

Ch26. sl st to close

1: Ch1. sc around. sl st to close.
2 to 4: 
Ch1. sc around. sl st to close.
Ch1. sc around. don’t close and turn.
6 to 10:
repeat row 5
Ch1. sc around. sl st to close.
12 to 24: Repeat round 11. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Thumb opening: sc around.


  • You can increase or decrease the number of rows and make it shorter or longer as desired.
  • You could increase or decrease the number of base chain stitches to make it as small or wide as desired.
  • Watch the video tutorial for more information and visual reference.
  • Play with colors, buttons, and other appliques to make it different and unique.


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Basic Crochet Fingerless Gloves Video Tutorial and Instructions


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29 thoughts on “Basic Crochet Fingerless Gloves Free Pattern”

  1. This was a very easy pattern to follow. I made it in Patons Classic Wool Roving. I used a 5.5 mm hook & a couple less chains & it turned out perfect. I added a contrasting color to the top & bottom & around the thumb. Thank you so much for the pattern.

    1. I’m glad you like it! And that was the idea behind a basic pattern. Provide a base, to add or take stitches, add colors, change yarn, etc. Make it your own creation!
      If you post it on Instagram use the hashtag #craftytuts so I can see it! I would love to see your creation!

  2. I love the pattern, but I don’t understand the thumb opening. I would assume I’m skipping stitches somewhere in the later rounds but could you clarify that for me? Thanks so much for sharing! I’m making my first pair!!!

      1. Rows 5 to 10 is to shape the thumb. You go from rounds to rows, without closing with a slip stitch on said rounds. An opening for the thumb will be created.

  3. Louisa Frisby

    I’ve a diagonal join which is fine but turning the gloves the right way round, I end up with one diagonal showing on the top of the glove and one not.

  4. I’m a total crochet newbie; this will be my first actual project. I keep ending up with extra stitches, I figure I must be stitching into the chain, hmm. I’m wondering if the slip stitch to close is really necessary? Couldn’t fingerless gloves be made like a continuous coil off the base chain?
    Thanks for the free pattern! It’s just what I needed. 🙂

    1. Feel free to adapt the pattern to your needs and what works best for you!
      I like to close it with slip stitch, but is also totally doable as a spiral.

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  7. Hi, i am also new. I have started the fingerless gloves but something is wrong and don’t understand what. I want to send you the picture but how?

    1. Hi, if you have Instagram, you can share a photo and tag me @craftytuts so I can see it and you can explain what you think happened, so I can try to help you fix it

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  10. Are you stitching your single crochet in the same stitch as your slip stitch? And where is your slip stitch going, into just the back loop or into the stitch?

  11. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I wanted to let you know that I am sharing it with my readers this Friday (12/07) as an idea for a great stocking stuffer they can DIY this holiday season @ I mentioned that if they make one, to link it to your IG account with the @craftytuts tag. Happy holidays!

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