Hello, hello! in today’s post I want to share with everyone a Bathroom Mat Free Crochet Pattern.

This bathroom mat is extremely easy to make and looks really nice (in my humble opinion)

bathroom-mat Bathroom Mat Free Crochet Pattern


This Bathroom Mat is not a big project but is not small at all either. I won’t lie, is not a quick project to finish. But is so worth it!
And, if you made blankets, throws, and afghans before, this won’t be a challenge at all.

As I mentioned before, is rather simple, but it could take 1 or 2 days to complete (depending on how many hours you spend crocheting it, and how fast you are).

Is worked in worsted weight yarn, so it doesn’t take too long, but being about 31 inches by 20 inches, it requires that you spend some time with it, and of course it doesn;t compares with most common projects like hats and scarves.

The positive aspects of this projects are that it can be super affordable for a bathroom decor piece, being that yarn is not at all that expensive.
Also, you can choose any color and easily match your already existent bathroom or home decor colors.
And last, this could be a really nice piece to sell. (If you’re wondering, I don’t mind if you use my patterns to create items to sell. If you do I’d love if you showed everyone the finished project by using the hashtag #craftytuts if posted on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter)

What you need to know about the Bathroom Mat Free Crochet Pattern:

Skill level: Intermediate

Stitches used:

(The links above are video tutorials that show how to make each stitch)


Gauge: Not important for this project

Final Measurement: Approximately 31 inches by 20 inches ( Approximately  78 cm by 50 cm)


Bathroom Mat Free Crochet Pattern

Ch 91. Turn
Row 1: On 2nd ch from hook. sc across. ch1. turn
Row 2: lp st across. ch1. turn
Rows 3 to 60: Repeat rows one and two until you reach row number 60 (Or until you reach the desired length)
Fasten off. Weave in ends using a sewing needle or yarn needle.


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If you wish to support my work and help me keep free content coming, considering leaving a tip on Ko-Fi