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Free blog planner pdf

I’m starting a project to create numerous FREE printables to help me and YOU better plan our blogs.

I need a blog planner. As I try to plan more often, and be more productive with my life and blog included, I want to start a blog planner.
So far, I only used a notepad to write some things down, some post ideas here and there, and track my income/expenses, keep passwords, and ALL my planning was spread in this same notepad. It was fine at the begging, but now is way too cluttered, it doesn’t have much structure (or maybe I should say NO structure). If you’re looking for tips for your wordpress blog, you might want to take a look at these wordpress resources and see how they can help your blogging.

As my blogs grow, I need a better system.

[bctt tweet=”Even when I was only using the notepad, my blog got so much better just by planning it”]

Even when I was only using the notepad, my blog got so much better just by planning and have things in writing and a little more organized. So, I realized how beneficial will be for me and my blog to have a better planner, to create a binder with all things related to my blog, AND to have a structure and better organization to find my notes, faster and easier.

Because of my busy life, that requires me to take care of my 3 kids, most things related to home (that seems small, but try making 3 meals a day, laundry, cleaning, etc) which leaves me almost no time to take to work on my blog. And that’s why every minute that I can spend working on my blog counts, and the better organized I am, the more I can get done with the same amount of time that I dedicate to work on my blog. Time management is vital in order to succeed, some of my blogger friends use websites such as alternative to linktree so that they can see all of their current blog posts and social posts in one place, just to make better use of their time.

A Blog Planner will help me achieve more with less. Less effort, less time spent, less stress… you get the idea.

Anyways, I’m sure you don’t really care about me and my time… But I am sure you care about your time and your blog. And there’s where the Blog Planner Project can benefit you as well because I will be sharing the pages of my Blog Planner in the form of free printables.

You will be able to download, choose and print what is useful for you. Get all the pages, get only a few. Whatever works with your way of organizing, with your blog and… well, with your way of doing things.

And so, the Blog Planner Project is born…

My first pages include a front page divider, and an information page, just in case you get your blog planner misplaced, and to help it get back to your hands.

Free blog planner pdf

Free blog planner pdf

My Blog Planner Download Ownership info page

Things you will need to start your own Blog Planner (Blog binder)

A binder or binders where to store all your Blog Planner Pages

Wilson Jones Round Ring View Binder


Swingline Desktop Hole Punch

Of course, you need paper!

Multipurpose Paper

And a printer. You probably already have one,
but if you don’t, this is the one I use and recommend

Canon Wireless Printer

As I develop and create more sections to this planner, I will be releasing them as printables, in PDF format.

If you’re also a blogger and are in need of a blog planner, hope this will help you customize your perfect blog planner. Also, feel free to leave a request by leaving a comment. Something you need to complete the perfect planner.

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10 Things to do BEFORE you start a blog – At the bottom of the post, you will find a checklist that you can add to your planner if you choose to follow the 10 steps before starting a blog.

Year at a Glance FREE Printable – Free PDF year planner, for ANY planner, be it you have a blog or not.

Monthly Planner FREE Printable – Free PDF monthly planner, for ANY planner, blog or not.

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If you wish to support my work and help me keep free content coming, considering leaving a tip on Ko-Fi