Boot cuff topper with bow free crochet pattern

Boot cuff – adapting a pattern

A while ago I created a pattern for a crochet boot cuff, or boot topper with a bow. You can find it here:

Boot cuffs/Toppers Free pattern

Boot cuff topper free crochet pattern

And just recently I had a request to answer what was the best way to adapt this pattern for a child, so in this post I will do my best to try to explain how I would adapt this pattern, either to make it smaller or even bigger.


The first part of the pattern, is worked in rows, and you make it as long or short as you needed to go around your leg. (or the person’s you’re making it to).
So, start in the same way with…

Row 1: Sc on second ch from hook. Sc across.
Row 2: Sc on back loop. Repeat across. Now instead of following the pattern and doing all the 50 rows, just adjust as you needed.

*For a child you will need to crochet less rows, about 30 or 35, just keep adding rows, and checking around the kid’s leg to see how many more rows you will need. And then continue to follow the pattern, closing it in the round and adding some more stitches.

* If you need it bigger, just keep adding as many rows as you need.

Continue the pattern, with…
Rnd 1: Sc across.
Rnd 2: ch 1, sc; *ch 1, skip 1 st. and sc in next.* Repeat across.
Rnd 3: ch 1; *Sc in ch space from previous round; ch 1. * Repeat across.
Rnd 4 to 10: Repeat round 3.
Fasten off.

And then making the bows if you’d like to add them.


Hope this was helpful 🙂 and happy crocheting!



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