Car seat cover free crochet pattern

Car seat cover crochet

Car seat cover crochet

Crochet carseat cover

Finally finished the car seat cover, this crochet project took longer than expected, but it was worth it!. Is really fast to crochet because is just a repeat pattern, but since I did a little alteration to the original pattern, I was stuck for a while until I went to get the car seat and was able to measure it to be sure that the cover wasn’t too big or too small.
If you already have the car seat ready, you will be able to finish it really fast.

You can find the original pattern here:  Basic Car Seat Tent,

I Made my OWN Pattern. Find it here: Crochet Car Seat Cover Free Pattern And Video Tutorial

This pattern has 2 little car toys for the applique, they’re very cute, but, since I’m having a little girl, the toy cars didn’t fit too well. So, I decided to keep the clouds theme, since I already have a little dress using the clouds applique, and so make it a cute matching set.

The second alteration was an opening in the middle, instead of following the pattern, and making a full rectangle, I followed until I reached the part that would be at the top and then just crocheted a row until I got to the middle of it, stopped and turned, crocheting until the length was enough to cover the car seat. After that, do the same with the other side, really easy.

You can see how to make the cloud applique here: Clouds crochet applique Pattern and the matching dress here: Baby dress


Find my NEW and FREE Pattern Here:

crochet carseat



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21 thoughts on “Car seat cover crochet”

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  3. I was also wondering where the pattern for your version with the split in it could be found? I would rather make it that way for my new bundle of joy.

  4. What are the finished measurements for the car seat tent?
    I don’t have car seat,,and it seems small just by looking at mine….
    Thank you very much

    1. I made this over a year ago. I have no idea.. I just measured it with the car seat, and when I felt it was enough to cover the rear, and I wanted to create “the middle” then I started the split.

  5. I’m not understanding how you created the split. Where did you join and how did you do it without looking so obvious! Did you join in the middle (make 2 halves)? Or did you join one flap? Thanks!

    1. I will create a video showing how I did it soon. Sorry, I’m not sure how to say it in other words. A video will be the best way I will be able to show you.

  6. I want to make two, one for each of the expected great grandbabies. I don’t have a car seat available though so I would love to know how far up to start the split if anyone has that info or time to find it and post it.Thanks in advance. Otherwise I guess I could go to walmart and measure a display car seat maybe

    1. Hi Ruth!
      I am working on my own pattern, so I can share it and not just show the final result. Anyways, since I’m sure you’re ready to start your projects so you can finish right away, I made mine 32 inches by 50 inches. The opening is almost in the middle. After 26 inches I created the opening. Hope your covers are all you’re envisioning!

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