Colorways: Watercolor Flowers

Tips, techniques, and step-by-step lessons for learning to paint whimsical artwork in vibrant watercolor

by Bley Hack

This book teaches how to paint colorful watercolor flowers in a sort off impressionist way. Some flowers look quite realistic, but the majority of them are rather simplistic and with minimal detail. But don’t let this statement discourage you, as the results are stunning and beautiful.

The style focuses on the idea and whimsical beauty of flowers, rather than a realistic botanical look. Which besides being easier to learn is non-threating to the new artist, and easier to feel at ease when experimenting with the projects included in the book.

Just as the many art and painting books in the market, this book also includes an introduction into techniques, materials, and the very popular topic about color theory (including the famous color wheel).

The content of Colorways: Watercolor Flowers is presented as follows:

  • Tools and materials
  • Watercolor techniques
  • Color theory basics
  • Finding inspiration
  • Step by step projects
    • A library of flowers
    • Pretty Patterns
    • Vases
    • Floral frames
    • Adding letters to florals
    • Mark-making bouquets
    • Floral letters and monograms
    • Adding fauna to your flora(ls)
    • Monochromatic painting
    • Neutrals with pops of color
    • Paint, cut, and paste floral collage
  • About the artist

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The projects not only include art in a sheet of paper but goes beyond and summons your inner DIYer and explores a collection of very interesting projects, like hand-painted greeting cards, photo frames, cut-out watercolors, and even embellished hand lettering.

The Layout of Colorways: Watercolor Flowers

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The layout is exquisite! A true eye candy, so beautiful and well thought.

Extremely colorful, with beautiful borders adorning many of the pages and framing important information, while also displaying the beautiful whimsical style of art by the author.

This book combines all elements in a way that makes the pages themselves a work of art.
With instructions surrounded by photos and watercolor paintings, not only showing the skills of the author but also showing what you will be able to accomplish with practice and by following the teachings of this book.

Every single page features some kind of watercolor element. Some pages are entirely watercolor paintings.

My final thoughts about Colorways: Watercolor Flowers

If you like the flowers featured in the cover of “Colorways: Watercolor Flowers”, you will adore what is inside!

The instructions are very easy to follow, and with the photos and illustrations that accompany them, you will have all the information needed to attempt them in your own studio. The basic techniques included is a great aid for beginner artist and the rest of the book is not only inspirational but also a nice resource for projects, ideas, and basic theory.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking to get started in watercolor painting, or that has already started but would like some guidelines for painting flowers specifically.

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You can find a copy of Watercolor Flowers: HERE

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