Craftytuts Podcast – Interview with Tiffany from The Woolen Homestead

Hello crafters!

This episode will be a very special one, as I have a guest with me!

She is Tiffany from The Woolen Homestead Yarns.

Tiffany and her husband Ethan, hand dye their own yarn under the Woolen Homestead label.

Tiffany also has a podcast under the same name where she shares a lot about yarn, knitting, and updates of many knit along she hosts on Ravelry.

I found out we have so much in common, we both learned to crochet first and to knit second, and we both knit continental style.
We agreed that this could be because we were used to having our yarn on the left hand, that we picked up o continental knitting so quickly, but we both struggled with other methods.

It started as an interview, but it quickly became just two friends talking about yarn and crafts.
She is very sweet and really like how easily she can tell a story and share with us about her yarn journey.
I’m sure you will enjoy listening to her as much as I did asking questions.


Craftytuts Podcast – Interview with Tiffany from The Woolen Homestead

Find Tiffany here:


Instagram: @thewoolenhomestead


Let me know what you think about interview episodes.
I would love to bring in more guest to chat about crochet and knitting.

Happy crafting!


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