Crochet cupcake free crochet patterns

Crochet and amigurumi cupcakes

Crochet and amigurumi cupcakes


Do you also love cute little crochet creations?

If so, you will love this list of free crochet patterns featuring all kind of cupcakes,crochet cupcake garlands, cupcake bags, and even crochet cupcake coasters and containers.

With this list with so many crochet and amigurumi cupcakes, you will have enough projects to choose from and have your own little cupcakes too.

Crochet and amigurumi cupcakes

(To go to the pattern, just click the name of each crochet pattern, or you could also click the image.. Enjoy!)

amigurumi cupcake container free pattern
Amigurumi cupcake container free pattern


Cupcake Crockpot Cozy
 Free Crochet Pattern Cupcake beanie hat
What’s Baking, Cupcake?
Fat-free and calorie-free cupcakes
   Crochet Cupcake Cozy
Cupcake Bag
Crochet Cupcake Purse with Cherries on Top
crochet cupcake pixel blanket
Chocolate Cupcake Hat with Frosting




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