Crochet Car Seat Cover – Free Pattern

Crochet Car Seat Cover a free pattern.

Crochet Car Seat Cover, FREE pattern & video tutorial. How to make a crochet Car Seat Cover with a split so you can easily open it to check on the baby

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A while ago (year or two already) I made a car seat cover for my baby girl. I used someone else’s pattern, but I did a modification to create a “split” that would allow me to easily open or close just one or both sides.

I liked the idea of a split flap instead of a big one because that way I wouldn’t have to open it completely to check if my baby was OK, asleep, awake, etc (You get the idea).

Also, if I wanted to cover my baby from the sun, but only one side is needed, I wouldn’t have to cover her completely if it wasn’t necessary.

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Crochet Car Seat Cover, FREE pattern & video tutorial. How to make a crochet Car Seat Cover with a split so you can easily open it to check on the baby

I did my best to explain how I created the split, but because the base pattern wasn’t mine, I shared the link to the pattern so everyone could find it, but the instructions on how to do the split in my blog but without being able to say exactly on which row I started the slit and so on.

SO… Finally, after so many requests, I created my own pattern. Detailing exactly how long I made it, where I started the split and so on, AND I created a video tutorial, for those like me that can benefit from visual aid.

I’m sure that now with the written pattern and video tutorial, you will be able to recreate this lovely Crocheted Car Seat Cover.

Crochet Car Seat Cover, FREE pattern & video tutorial. How to make a crochet Car Seat Cover with a split so you can easily open it to check on the baby


Skill level:


What You will need:

Total: 25″ wide x 39″ long (63.5 cm x 99 cm)
From top to split: 19.5″ long
From split to bottom: 19.5″ long

4 stitches x 2 rows: 1 inch (in pattern stitch)

Stitches Used:
Ch – Chain
Sc – Single Crochet
Dc – Double Crochet

Crochet Car Seat Cover – Free Pattern

Buttons (Make 2 – Optional) – Used color B

In a magic loop:

Rnd 1: 8 sc
Rnd 2: 2sc in each stitch (16)

Fasten off leaving a long tail to sew buttons on the straps. Making crocheted buttons is optional, as you can use regular, store-bought buttons.

Straps (Make 2) – Used color A

Ch 27

Row 1: On 4th ch from hook, dc until end of row.
Row 2: ch 3. dc until end of row.
Row 3: ch 3. dc until end of row.

Fasten off.

Car Seat Cover

Start with Color A

ch 102

Row 1: On 4th ch from hook, dc until end of row. (100 sts)
Row 2: Ch 1. sc until end of row.

Change to color B
Row 3: ch 3 (counts as first dc). dc until end of row
Row 4:Ch 1. sc until the end of row.

Rows 5 to 56: Repeat rows 3 to 4 until you reach to row 56. (But alternating between color A and color B every 2 rows)

Creating the Split

Row 57: (with color A) Ch 3 (counts as first dc). dc on 49 stitches. Leave remaining stitches unworked.
Row 58: ch 1. sc until the end. (of the 49 stitches previously worked)
Row 59: (with color B) Ch 3 (counts as first dc). dc until the end (of the 49 stitches previously worked)
Row 60: ch 1. sc until the end. (of the 49 stitches previously worked)

Rows 61 to 104: Repeat rows 57 to 58.

Fasten off.

Go back to row 57 to create the second “flap” and repeat rows 57 to 104 but o the other side.

Once you have both flaps, fasten off just color A. With color B, sc around the entire car seat cover.
Try to separate your sc as evenly as possible.
In each corner do 3 sc in one stitch.
I go around the car seat cover twice. Creating 2 rounds of sc before I fasten off.

For more instructions and visual help, watch the video bellow.

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Crochet Car Seat Cover – Video tutorial

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48 thoughts on “Crochet Car Seat Cover – Free Pattern”

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  2. This is totally awesome but think too if you have buttons on it for in the winter time for the babies born then would be really nice. Thank you so much for the pattern. I am going to do this before my Great Grandson gets here next year.

  3. Tonya Tzianakakis

    I tried following the video tutorial to place the straps. The written pattern did not give instructions. Can you please tell me which ‘row’ the straps are sewed on to? Thanks and I had fun making this for my grand daughter

  4. I just now finished this except I did little hearts and sewed them on and crocheted little ties and attached so if my daughter wanted to close the split she could.. I’ll know in February if she likes it.

  5. About how long (in) were the straps? I am using a smaller baby yarn and need to adjust the pattern slightly — my straps were too short I think.

  6. Randy, you want to know how long vertical or horizontal ?
    if your yarn is smaller, you could try using a bigger hook to create bigger stitches and compensate for the size of your yarn.

  7. Thanks! Vertical… I am using a 5 mm hook but it still was too short to go around the car seat and button without difficulty.

    1. if you having trouble with the vertical length of the lines, just add extras. each line is made of two rows, one DC row and one sc row. just add more to reach the length you need. and don’t forget to take note of how many extras you add on one side, so you can add asome many on the other side

  8. What are the dimensions of the first 56 rows.
    Mine seems too big, my gauge is correct.
    I am using Caron simply soft. I have already used two skeins.

    1. The first section (before the split) should be 19 to 20 inches tops. (preferably 20, but is ok if you stop at 19)
      Then is another 19 for the flaps. The final item measures 39 inches, but is OK if it reaches 40.

  9. How long is the first 102 sc supposed to measure out? I’m trying with 3 light yarn and a G hook, but it still seems too short. Love this pattern, thank you for posting it ?

    1. It should be at least 25 inches. If it is a little longer than that is ok, as it will just cover more of the carseat. But I would not recommend anything shorter.
      I am glad you like my pattern and I hope you can make it just the way you want it. If you have further questions just let me know. You can also post questions in my FB page.

      1. Thank you for the reply! ? I’m new to crocheting and really appreciate it. About how long should it be before the split? I’m 8 rows away from it and I’m measuring about 12inches. I’m told I crochet really tightly, so I’m worried it might be too short.

        1. You’re good then. It should be almost 13 inches before you work the split. If you have your car-seat available, use it to measure your work. Just make sure that the part before the split reaches at least half of what needs to be covered. And then complete the other half with the split.

  10. Thanks for a very good tutorial and video. You explained things clearly and demonstrated each step well.

  11. I’m totally baffled. Since I crochet tightly, I decided to use a G hook. Just finished first lower panel,piece measures 30 inches not 39. Thought I would need less rows. Why am I confused. Been crocheting for decades.

    1. I’m so sorry is not coming out as you expected. But you can just add some extra rows.
      Because this pattern is just a rectangle with an opening, what it matters is that it covers the carseat and adding extra rows won’t create anything bad for this pattern.

  12. Just completed this in a three colour stripe – pale grey, mauve and purple . Thank y u for such a useful and easy pattern

    1. I’m glad you like it!! Thank you SO much for taking a minute for writing a nice comment. It really means the world to me that people are using and liking my patterns!

  13. just wanted to confirm how many stitches I am actually working on, is it 99 or 98 I am new to crocheting and just wanted to get it right from the start

  14. Cindy Slaughter

    I loved your pattern , thank you so much. Making one for my great niece’s baby due in November. I did change the pattern to a dc ch1 dc shell to create a more open pattern. My niece lives in Arizona where the climate is much warmer. But it is working out beautifully. All I did was crochet 8 rows in pattern with the F hook for border then changed to an H hook and worked a ch 4 sk1 dc ch1 dc in next space and continued across ending with a ch 1 dc. I will do the split and then end with 8 rows in pattern to finish. This gives a more open pattern to give baby more air on warm Arizona days.

    1. I’m so happy to know you love my pattern. And congratulations on the grandbaby!!! 🙂
      I think an open pattern is a great idea for Arizona. It will be great to keep the hot sun out of the little one’s face, but without trapping the warmth inside.

  15. Hello, thank you for the wonderful pattern. I was wondering on the 56 rows is each double / single is 1 row or 2 rows. Also would it just be easier to measure it? Again thank you for the wonderful pattern…. Jen

    1. Hi Jennifer. Row 56 is a sc row. You need to alternate dc and then sc rows, and the final one before the split is a sc row.
      The reason I give row by row instructions is because not everyone will be using the same yarn, and some yarns stretch after washing. So if you got gauge, the correct amount of rows would be the amount called for the pattern.
      If you feel more comfortable just measuring, go ahead. But also is so easy to just count stripes and multiply them by 2, since each stripe is 2 rows.
      Do whatever work best for you.

    1. Hi Susan, I’m so glad you liked my pattern 🙂
      Thank you so much for leaving a comment! Knowing my pattern is still being used gives me the drive to keep designing more.

  16. Gloria takes

    pleasure in engaging in research and it ‘s really easy to see why. Almost all

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    Take pleasure in the rest of a new year. You have been conducting a glorious job.

  17. I just finished this pattern for my Grand Prince coming in October. I used green then bordered in white using a row of sc then a row of hdc. It turned out wonderful!! I added a football applique to the top above the split. Then I also added football buttons along the split to keep it shut for transport to and from the car. I will be making a second canopy for my other Grand Prince due December 4th. Thank you so much for this pattern. I LOVE it!!

  18. I used a 5.25mm hook and followed the basic pattern not by rows but by the measurements. It’s a little wider because I still used 100 stitches. I also altered the ch3 to count as my first dich because the edges weren’t clean and I kept having a little gap. So to help keep the edges clean I just chained on before my dc rows.

    1. It is very probable that using a bigger hook will make your project larger. I hope is not too wide, and you still are able to use it without trouble.
      Is great that you where able to alter the pattern to your needs, like counting the ch3 as first dc. I’m thinking that because you used a bigger hook, then doing the ch3 AND the dc, would be too much.
      Thank you for leaving a comment, I’m sure your tips will help someone that would like to use a bigger hook too!

  19. HI Myy name is Donna I don”t have yarn #3 Light. I have yarn #4 would the chain 102 be the same? if not what should i chain and for the side opening fap also? Thank You D

  20. I am making my newborn twin grandbabies one these. I am adding button holes and buttons so the flap won’t flop up in the cold winter winds here in Vermont. Love the pattern!!!

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