Crochet slippers, free crochet pattern

Crochet slippers – Free pattern

Crochet slippers - Free pattern



  •   Weight worsted yarn. (4 : Medium)
  • Crochet hook J



Puff st:
start a dc with yarn over and pull trrough 2 times, but don’t close it, start another dc the same way as the first,
this time closing it all the way, pulling through all 3 loops.
2Crochet slippers - Free pattern Ch 3. Close with Sl st, making a ring.
Crochet slippers - Free pattern -Rnd 1:  working inside ring. ch3, dc; ch; *puff st, ch* rep from “*” 3 times. Close with sl st.
Crochet slippers - Free pattern -Rnd 2: ch3, (working in ch space from previous round) *puff st, ch, puff st* repeat from “*” in each of the 4 remaining spaces.
(there should be 2 puff st in each ch space; a total of 10)
-Rnd 3: ch3, *puff st, ch* Repeat in each ch space, total of 10 puffs.
-Rnd 4: ch3, *puff st, ch, puff st* Repeat in each ch space, total of 18 puffs.
-Rnd 5: Ch3, *puff st, ch* Repeat in each ch space.
  Crochet slippers - Free pattern   -Row 1 to 4: Ch3, *puff st, ch* Repeat in each ch space, without closing, ch3 and turn.
Crochet slippers - Free pattern -Row 5: Ch3, *puff st, ch* Repeat in each ch space. ch1 and turn.
-Row 6 to 10: Sc across. Fasten off and sew heel.
2014-07-15 19.44 Boot cuff:
Continuing work once heel has been sewed.
Rnd 1: sc across. close sl st.
Rnd 2 to 5: ch3, puff st, *ch, skip 1 st, and puff st in next st* Repeat across. Close with sl st.
Rnd 6: Sc across. Fasten off.String.
Ch 60. Attach pompoms and add it to the boot cuffs.


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2 thoughts on “Crochet slippers – Free pattern”

  1. round 1 it says ch3 ,dc,chain where does the dc crochet go and what does chain mean this is for the slippers how many do you chain in between the puff stitches thank you

    1. For the first round, everything goes inside the “circle” just previously formed with ch3, and closing with sl st.
      and is 1ch st in between each puff st.

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