Crochet Standard Terms, Abbreviations, and Graphics printable

Hello crafters!
Today I got a free printable for all the crocheters and those that are trying to learn crochet too. Is a handy Crochet Standard Terms, Abbreviations, and Graphics printable.

Crochet Standard Terms, Abbreviations, and Graphics printable

This little resource is great for any crocheter, but is especially useful for pattern designers, and those considering creating their own patterns.

If you are considering creating your own crochet patterns, or already are, this resource can be extremely helpful during your writing process.
By using standard crochet terms, and also using the same terms and abbreviations for all your patterns, you will have consistency and will make sure that the most of your readers/customers will already be familiar with the terms and abbreviations.

In fact, I am in the process of going back to all my previously published patterns and making sure that I am consistent.

As a newbie, I didn’t keep track of my writing consistency. I believe I was consistent, because I tend to always use the same terms, but just to be safe, I will check each one, and use my little printable as a guide.

Enough bla bla, how do you get the free pdf?

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