dinosaur hats to crochet knit and sew

Dinosaur hat

Another great Pinterest find, dinosaur hats! I made a crochet version, but there are also other ways you can create one for kid (or for yourself), I also found free patterns to knit or sew cute dinosaur hats.

dinosaur hat


My boy loves his hat, and he’s constantly pretending to be my dinosaur pet. Is not only fun for him, but I just found a fantastic way to make him eat his veggies!! Just put the hat on, and I have to tell him that to grow into a big scary dinosaur he has to eat all the veggies, and he eats them roaring!

Now, eating veggies became a fun game!

Check all these free patterns and tutorials, pick one and make your own dinosaur hat. Make a kid or adult with a kid’s spirit happy!

Use these dinosaur hats as photography props, make them for birthday gifts, and to promote creative playing of your kids.

They will have fun creating a pre-historic world of adventures and dino fun 😀


  1. Crochet Pattern: Baby’s Dinosaur Hat with Cape

  2. Crochet Dinosaur Hat Pattern

  3. Newborn DINOSAUR BABY Hat and Diaper Cover Set

  4. Dinosaur Spike Pixie Hat Pattern


  1. Knit Toddler Dinosaur Hat

  2. Dino Spikes Knitting Pattern


  1. Easy DIY Dino hat 

  2. Tutorial: Dinosaur hat

  3. Dino Monster hat

Other Crafts

  1. DIY Paper Dinosaur Hat

  2. DIY Dinosaur Hat


Happy Knitting! Happy Crocheting! or Happy Crafting!

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