DIY Crochet Tassel Basket Tutorial

Please note that this is the tutorial for the DIY Crochet Tassel Basket, you can find the free pattern here: DIY Crochet Tassel Basket Free Pattern

This medium crochet tassel basket is inspired on the many high-end tassel baskets and tassel everything that is so trendy lately.

I wanted to create something just as luxurious looking as all those high-end brand home decor items, but being a crafter I take enormous joy in creating things myself.

If you’re here you’re probably just as me and you love DIY projects, and I hope you love this one as well. 🙂

The first part of this article, features the written and photo tutorial of the DIY Crochet Tassel Basket, and the final part of this article features a video tutorial.
So feel free to choose the one that you like best, or you can also consult both tutorials as you move along with the pattern.

By the way, you can find the free pattern here: DIY Crochet Tassel Basket Free Pattern
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DIY Crochet Tassel Basket Tutorial

To start, you need to work with 2 strands of worsted weight yarn held together.
I am using 2 colors to give the basket a marbled effect, but you could use 2 strands of the same color if you prefer your basket to have a solid color.


Make 3 chain stitches. (Chain stitch tutorial)

Slip stitch on the 3rd chain from hook, to form a closed ring. (Slip Stitch Tutorial)

6 single crochet inside ring, and slip stitch to close. (Single Crochet Tutorial)

NOTE: Always start a new round with chain 1.

2 single crochet stitches in each stitch, slip stitch to close. You should now have 12 stitches total.

2 single crochet in first stitch, followed by one single crochet in the next. Repeat this until you get to the end. Slip Stitch to close. You should have 18 stitches total.

You have to keep increasing a total of 6 stitches each row, by doing 2 single crochet in the same stitch followed by regular single crochet.

In the next round, you should do 2 single crochet, followed by 2 regular single crochet, and repeat around, until the end for a total of 24 sts,

the next round you should add one single crochet to this repeat.

Keep doing this until you have worked a total of 12 rounds (counting from the very first one with 6 stitches). You should have a total of 72 stitches.

Make sure to check the written pattern here: DIY Crochet Tassel Basket Free Pattern

Or the video tutorial below if this is confusing.

Ch 1, and do single crochet thru the back loop in each stitch around. Don’t forget to close with a slip stitch.

After this, you need to do a ch1, and single crochet in each stitch around, slip stitch to close until you finish round number 34.


Ch 1, and single crochet in the next 13 stitches. Then ch 10, skip the following 10 stitches,

and single crochet in the following 26 stitches, ch 10 again, skip the following 10 stitches, and single crochet to the end of the round. Slip stitch to close.

Next round just do another round of single crochet.

And for the final round you need to do a round of crab stitch. Which is basically just single crochet done backwards.

So, instead of creating new stitches right to left like usual (if you’re right handed), now you need to create the new stitch going from the left to the right.

To finish fasten off your yarn. And make 10 tassels (or as many as you want) and tie them around your basket.

You can use a tassel maker or a piece of cardboard to measure the size you want for your tassels.

And finally tie your tassels to the basket.

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DIY Crochet Tassel Basket Video Tutorial


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  1. Wow really nice stitching and great tutorial also. The basket is getting good pattern and good crochet tassel also. The brand items to be used for this projects. Creating things are getting here. Taken more effort for making the tassel basket to complete. Getting different types of colors and strands also. Proper and clear steps are given for readers here. The single crochet and rounded nature is applicable here. Great materials and tutorial are very clear for me

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