DIY scrunchie - how to make a scrunchie

DIY Scrunchie – How to make a hair Scrunchie

DIY scrunchie. Video tutorial showing how to make a hair scrunchie, fast and easy. Get your 90's fashion, retro, vintage.


Get a little bit of 90’s fashion with this DIY Scrunchie!

Between other things from the 90s, the hair scrunchies are back, and I want to show you how to make your own from just a little rectangle of scrap fabric and some elastic.

This project is VERY quick to finish, and is super easy!

You can make them so fast that this makes for a nice gift that you can create in bulk in just one afternoon and have enough for friends and neighbors. These hair scrunchies also make for a great stocking stuffer or sell them online. (Check this FREE etsy alternative so you don’t have to pay for listing your items for sale here: Make Money Online with This Free etsy Alternative)

Yeah, I know that I might be rushing a little bit in talking about presents and stocking stuffers, but is never too early to start creating, that way you know you have more than enough time to make something for everyone or even make a batch to sell! (extra money is good anytime, but around the holidays is just extra useful).

Either if you make them for yourself, as presents or to sell, I hope this tutorial helps you and you have a great time making them!

To make hair your DIY scrunchies you only need:

  • A few inches of elastic, 7 to 8 inches of elastic is what I normally use.
  • A bit of fabric, about 22 inches by 6 inches, but if you want your scrunchie  to be bulkier, just make it longer, 30 inches or more by 7 inches.

DIY Scrunchie



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If you wish to support my work and help me keep free content coming, considering leaving a tip on Ko-Fi