Doughnuts Book Review

90 Simple and Delicious Recipes to Make at Home

by Lara Ferroni


A fresh doughnut and a cup of coffee is a match made in heaven for many of us—and Lara Ferroni’s updated cookbook shows just how easy it to make delicious doughnuts at home.

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like doughnuts. Yeah we have our favorites, or maybe someone doesn’t like the lemon filling, (which I happen to love everything lemon), but as far as not liking any doughnut at all, I just haven’t met anyone. So, I’m not even sure if anyone will even care about a Doughnut book review. Because what else would you need to know? I helps you make doughnuts!

But just in case, here goes my Doughnut Book review:

The book contains 90 recipes in total. 90! you get gluten free recipes, vegan recipes, baked doughnuts, fried doughnuts. In other words, something for every taste.
I’m not vegan, nor allergic to gluten, but I still appreciate those recipes, because I have family that has celiac disease, and many many vegan friends, so this will come very handy if I don’t know what treat to make, I can just reference this fantastic doughnut book and find a nice recipe.
This book has so MUCH! From the very basics to the artisan level doughnuts. Ricotta doughnuts, chocolate doughnuts, apple cider and french curlers.
And when I say basics, I mean the very basics. The basics you need if you never ever made doughnuts before. The main ingredients, tools of the trade, and even a guide to use this book inside the book.
With this many recipes I will have to really get on the workouts so I don’t get overweight! I mean, just the photographs are enough to make your mouth water! So when you actually start making them, the anticipation… the process… the smells coming thru the oven… is just impossible not to make yourself a pot of coffee and sit down to enjoy your doughnut.
And everything is so easy to find to mix and match because is divided in 3 sections.
  1. Doughnuts
  2. Glazes and toppings
  3. Flavors


And for all my entrepreneur friends, maybe you can even get started on a side hustle making artisan doughnuts to order!
There is more than enough recipes and flavors included, so having a nice menu won’t be a problem.
If I wasn’t moving all the time, I would definitely make some, invite some friends for a tasting party and simply offer them to make them to order.

Americans consume more than 10 billion doughnuts a year. Which means this is a great business opportunity. If not your main source of income, a side hustle for the weekends.

You can find a copy of the Doughtnut book


Doughnuts Book review


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About the Author of the Doughnuts Book:

Lara Ferroni is a tech geek turned food geek who spends her days exploring food and cocktail culture. As a writer and photographer, you might spy her learning to make kimchi in the back room of a local church, foraging for wild berries, or snapping away in some of the finest kitchens and bars. She is the author of five cookbooks, including Doughnuts, An Avocado a
Day, Real Snacks, and Put an Egg on It. You can find more of her tasty photos and recipes on her blog,


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