Drawing dragons step by step

Drawing Dragons Book Review

Drawing Dragons
Learn to draw step by step
by Michael Dobrzycki

Drawing Dragons Description:

Let your imagination guide you as you learn to draw dragons, step by easy step.

Drawing: Dragons invites you into the fantastic world of artist Michael Dobrzycki and teaches you how to draw imaginative fire-breathing creatures from start to finish. Featuring step-by-step lessons on drawing legendary dragons from around the world, as well as a wide variety of shading techniques in ink and graphite pencil, Drawing: Dragons covers everything you need to know to draw these fantastic beasts. 

Each dragon subject is introduced with a brief history of the creature and summary of its characteristics. “Did you know?” sections throughout offer fascinating dragon facts.

Some of the amazing dragons you’ll learn to draw: Fire DragonHatchlingDrakeHydraLindwormDrachensteinDesigned for beginners, the How to Draw & Paint series offers an easy-to-follow guide that introduces artists to basic tools and materials and includes simple step-by-step lessons for a variety of projects suitable for the aspiring artist. Drawing: Dragons allows artists to develop their drawing skills, demonstrating how to start with basic shapes and use pencil and ink techniques to create varied textures and characteristics, such as scales, feathers, wings, claws, and more.

Drawing Dragons Learn to draw step by step by Michael Dobrzycki is a very fun “how to book” that will show you step by step and shape by shape how to easily draw different kinds of dragons.

I see this book as a beginners book, but I believe that an intermediate artist can also enjoy and learn from the tutorials and techniques presented in this book.

The book is rather short, with only 40 pages of content, still that is plenty enough to feature 9 different dragons to draw, as well as sections for tools and materials, shading techniques, and construction.

The 9 different dragons found in this book are:

  • Fire Dragon
  • Hatchling
  • Drake
  • Hydra
  • Amphitere
  • Lindworm
  • Wyvern
  • Eastern Dragon
  • Drachenstein

The written instructions are accompanied by drawings you can use as a reference when drawing dragons. They are short and to the point, but will let you know just what to do next.

The final drawings look very detailed and professional, but by breaking them down to steps and easy shapes, they become so easy to follow and recreate. I gave it a try myself and I drew the Lindworm. I wasn’t able to make it look exactly the same, but it came so close, and my 8-year-old son was impressed with my tiny drawing. I hope to inspire him to pick up a pencil and give it a try too.

I kept it simple, and just grabbed a pencil and a sketching notebook I have. Then just followed the instructions featured in the book, following the shapes and slowly adding details on top.

Drawing Dragons teaches you how to draw from start to finish. Featuring step-by-step lessons on drawing legendary dragons from around the world.

And finally, I just used a pen to go over the last section and erased all the pencil markings.

Drawing Dragons teaches you how to draw from start to finish. Featuring step-by-step lessons on drawing legendary dragons from around the world.

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