DIY nail art-01


Hi everyone!

Sometimes an easy DIY nail art is a little hard to find. At least ones for true beginners. There are so many beautiful ideas and amazing tutorials for Nail Art everywhere, but for quite a lot of them you have practice a lot or be VERY talented to achieve some looks.

I try and try, and I can’t do them right. I really wish I was more talented with nail art, but for the most part I am just not that good.

That’s why I’m quite exited that this idea actually worked for me. Maybe with time and more practice I will be able to get better at this, but for now, I have to keep it easy.

So today I want to show you an Easy DIY Nail Art. And when I say easy, I mean it. Is not complicated but still gives you a cute look.

To achieve this look you will only need a few items.

Materials needed to create the DIY Nail Art:
  • Regular nail polish
  • Top coat type nail polish
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Scissors
  • Eyebrow tweezers

Note: Any color of nail polish will be good for recreating this Nail Art look, but keep in consideration that dark colors will be a better choice to show the little dots. The aluminum foil is silver, and sometimes reflects mostly white, therefore, grays, silvers and whites nail polish won’t show the little dots very well.

I just created random dots with the aluminum foil, but once you practice and get used to place it on the nails, you will be able to play around and create many cute designs.

Just watch this step by step video tutorial and in no time you will be able to recreate this cute Nail Art.



I really hope you liked this tutorial, and as always I appreciate any feedback. Leave a comment to let me know what you think about it, what I could do better, and show me those beautiful nails if you decide to follow this tutorial and recreate this easy look 😀




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If you wish to support my work and help me keep free content coming, considering leaving a tip on Ko-Fi