Simple, easy, steps for beginners in gardening. With just 3 steps, you can have fun while growing a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Enjoy growing fruits & vegetables. Savvy gardening for beginners.

I’ve always had the bug. The bug to grow, to create. And I’ve modestly been able to achieve the dream when it comes to seeding and planting new life, in the form of fruits and vegetables and to a lesser extent, flowers.

The first time that I can recollect that I first planted a flower or a fruit, was about 9 or 10 years ago, while I lived in an apartment. And what a fun experience that was. I lived on the 2nd floor and had a decent back porch in which to grow on some plants. I planted cucumbers, tomatoes (when growing them upside-down-in-a-bag was a fad. And I tried to grow pumpkins.

I was fairly successful. We got a lot of cucumbers, I don’t remember how many tomatoes and, well, our pumpkin, that’s another story in itself. In another post perhaps.

Growing fruits, vegetables and flowers can be fun, all the while learning a new tool at the same time. After all, you’re creating new life. (Providing with the right environment for this new life to grow is quite the task).

The question is, how can you do it? Why does it seem so easy sometimes or overly complicated other times? The answer boils down to your passion but even with that, crawl before you can walk and enjoy the journey.

You need only 3 things. A pot for soil, soil and a starter plant or seeds.

And with regards to those seeds, following the seed packet guidelines has never been my thing, but if you are a stickler for details and rules, follow those to a T. With me? I tend to plant the seeds about 1/4 to 1/8 inches below the top of the soil. The easier way to explain it is this way, leave some soil aside after filling your spot, sprinkle a few seeds, separated, throughout the pot, and sprinkle, moderately with soil over the top until there’s about 1/8 inch at a minimum of soil covering your seeds.

And just with that and a little TLC, you’ll start to see this;

new garden plants from seeds, seedlings.
new garden plants from seeds, seedlings.

For beginners, that is It! You don’t need to add expensive additives or anything if you maintain regular maintenance with your plants, ie; watering on a regular basis, soil addition when it starts to sink/pack-in.

With that in mind, doing that, you’ll eventually see plants close/similar to these within a month and a half, to two months;

But as with everything, nothing is perfect. (as noted by the yellowing of some of the leaves on the cucumber plant pictured above.) Nor am I advocating for the use, or non-use of chemicals to keep your plants protected from the elements, etc, I’m saying it’s simple to become a beginner and grow without needing to drain your bank account.…right off the bat.

Because nature happens. Soon you’ll realize that under sub-optimal conditions, certain plants need help to grow and produce properly, but this all comes with experience and timing. You kind of learn as you go.

You will need vitamins and nutrients for some plants, you’ll need anti-bug additives for when and if they become a problem, which is usually more of a problem for plants that are started in ground soil, more-so often than with potted plants.

One thing i’d recommend, and again this comes from experience. Plant flowers first. Learn to plant and cultivate soil for flowers.

This is for 2 reasons. Flowers? Well, they are simply beautiful, often smell good and can actually give you a heads-up for next years new garden, attracting all of those wonderful creatures that will give extra life to your new plants! Ie; Bees!

Of course, not all plants need to be pollinated, per-say, but if you do plan on cucumbers, honeydew, watermelons, etc, Bees-attractive plants are a great beneficial addition to your garden.

This was my 4th year into growing, non-consecutive, 4th year out of maybe 9 at the time, and for potted plants, I did not do too bad and somebody even bought one of my plants. Unusual sure, but in hindsight, isn’t that a compliment?

new garden plants from seeds, seedlings.
new garden plants from seeds, seedlings.

Now, you might notice one of the plants, lacking the knowledge that I’m sharing here with you. Low soil level. After months of growing I didn’t add more soil to the pot and the plant’s growth might have been stunted for me not doing that, which is why this all is more-so a wonderful, learning experience and an enjoyable one too.

Gardening can be really simple. It truly is. It’s therapeutic, it’s relaxing and it feels great to feel and knowing you’re creating life, errr, food from a simple seed/seedling.

All you really do need to start, is a plot, or a pot and some soil and some seeds and a dream. And there you have it. Just the basic facts about growing new plants and new life. It doesn’t have to be hard, nor complicated, it just has to be fun.

new garden plants from seeds, seedlings. Home garden, circa 2016.

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