Father’s Day Crafts For Kids

Aaaand, JUNE is just 3 days away, and Father’s Day is Closer again!

Fathers day crafts for kids

Father’s Day is slowly approaching, day by day, and we still have plenty of time to plan what to make for daddy, go get the materials and then start working. But we pretty much need to start tomorrow, and decide today! (This year’s father’s day will be: June 19th, 2016).

And so, I started my investigation to find some of the best and cutest crafts out there that our kids can make and show daddy some love.

Father's Day Crafts
World’s Greatest Pop Gift In A Jar

Because Granpa is double time Father!

 Father's Day Crafts
Free Fathers Day Printable

Just Print it, and make the kids get the peanuts,
fill the jar and glue the printable!

 Father's Day Crafts
Father’s Day Gift & Free Printable

This one is not only for the kids,
but for the whole family!

 Fathers day free printable  Father’s Day DIY Card Free Printable

Tell daddy your favorite things about him,
favorite memories and why you love him,
with this DIY Father;s Day Card

 Father's Day Crafts

Because every father needs to
show pictures of their loved ones!

 Father's Day Crafts
You Are My Superhero Father’s Day Gift Idea

I promised cute!

 Father's Day Crafts
Car Shirt: Great Father’s Day Gift

Cool T-shirt and doubles as a toy.
For when is daddy’s turn to watch the kids!

 Father's Day Crafts  Candy Bow Ties

Because candy goes well with anything!

 Father's Day Crafts
Golf Tee Porcupine for Father’s Day

More adorable and easy crafts!
And if he’s a golf lover, even better! 😀

 Father's Day Crafts
Dad’s Stache

Another easy one!
Just a printable, a jar, washi tape,
and some candy and is the easiest
Father’s Day Craft Ever

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If you wish to support my work and help me keep free content coming, considering leaving a tip on Ko-Fi