crochet fingerless gloves pattern

Fingerless gloves with bow variation.


crochet fingerless gloves


A while ago I created a pattern for these cute Crocheted Fingerless Gloves With Bow, I made them in red and white, to go with a pair of Boot Cuffs.

crochet fingerless gloves

I just loved them so much, I had to make another pair (also, because the other ones, went for my sister), this time with a color variation, and again trying to match, I made them to go with these Crocheted earwarmers. 


You can see how I liked reversed colors, more than exact matching 😛

Well, just wanted to share some more ideas how to mix and match different patterns to make them go well together…

Tell me what you think… Have you used any of my patterns? Experimented with other colors and variations?
Share them with us!

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