15 free baby booties crochet patterns


15 of the cutest baby booties’ free crochet patterns. (including sandals, slippers, and others as well)

These booties are little projects that can be finished quickly and without the need of too much yarn, making them a great option for last minute baby shower presents, you can even finish more than one pair in a day, or add them to something else to create a set or even a basket full of little surprises!

Just click on each pattern name, or image to go to the pattern.

Free Crochet baby booties Pattern


Stylish booties

The site is in Russian, but with easy to follow step by step photos, and you can always count on google’s help to translate a website. from stranamam.ru

Easy Peasy Crochet Baby Booties Pattern

crochet baby booties

Child chic

Available in ravelry as a pdf download. By Schyrk

Gladiator Sandal

Perfect for spring and summer, one of the cutest baby sandals I ever saw! – By Wistle and Ivy

Wrap around button infant boots

Another great pattern, with step by step photos. By im topsy turvy

Monk Strap Booties

Adorable booties, either for a baby boy or a baby girl. By Wistle and Ivy

Granny Square Crochet Baby Booties

crochet baby booties free pattern

Mary Jane Skimmers

What can be more girly than cute pink Mary Jane’s?? – by Megan Denham

Crochet Rain Boots

This one is definitely in my to do list! By Repeat crafter me.

Piggy Peeps Baby Shoes

Adorable open toes baby shoes! and with photos to help you with the steps! By Anna Virginia

Crochet Baby Converse

If I can figure it out how to make them my size, I’m even doing some for myself!! by Suzanne Resaul

Baby Moccasins

By Little me.

Crochet Cuffed Baby Booties

By Repeat crafter me

Cute Baby Boots

Another quick but lovely project. by Teri Crews

baby shoes

By K n T art


Newborn cross straps

By unraveled-creativity

Baby Booties

And more baby booties.. ^_^ – By hunerlerimiz


I hope you liked this little compilation of free baby booties crochet patterns 🙂

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15 free baby booties crochet patterns

 - Each photo is copyrighted by their individual photographer,  each pattern by their creator - this is merely a compilation, linking to their original source.

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    1. Each pattern name is a link that will take you to the pattern. You can also choose to click the image and will take you to the pattern as well.

      1. Love most of the patterns my question is are they USA patterns?the Australian stitches are not worked the same.

  1. Thank you for posting these adorable booties. Also, thank you for being so patient. It’s hard to believe you put so much work into explaining the links is on each one and people still want you to email it to them. SMH. Kudos to you and thanks again!

    1. Thanks for your comment ^_^
      And I try to be helpful, but can’t email everyone with the pattern they want, they’re not my own, so that would be just wrong, adding a link on the other hand is not, as you can see it in it original form. If not, I probably would.. but then again with two kids, and a job, and trying to post here and there, I barely have time, lol

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