how to make plastic yarn or plarn

How to make plastic yarn

With this post I would like to show you a cool way to recycle all those supermarket and store bags and end up with some different crocheted or knitted items!

How to make plastic yarn or plarn. This is a step by step tutorial where I show you how to recycle plastic bags into plastic yarn or plarn

This is a step by step video tutorial that will show you how to make plastic yarn also known as plarn.

Making yarn from plastic bags (or plarn) is very easy, it’s also good for the environment, as you will recycle those plastic bags you get when you go to the store, instead of trowing them away. And is also good for your finances, because you will be creating this plastic yarn from something you get for free, and maybe you can skip at least one visit to the craft store that way, and create something with plarn instead. (even though we all know that we;ll end up buying more yarn again soon…)

How to make plastic yarn or plarn:


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