Interweave Knits Fall 2016 – Review



Interweave Knits Fall 2016 is out. And is celebrating their 20th Aniversary!

You can get the magazine or each pattern separate.









Harvey Pullover:

The Harvey Pullover has a textured brioche-stitch front panel with a stockinette back and sleeves. The differences in row gauge create an angled hem that is naturally higher in the front.

Seems very simple to make, but featuring some texture to make it interesting.

Augusta Cardigan:

The design from the back is amazing, and the lower edges are also very interesting and different from your regular basic projects.
Looks cozy and comfortable for those cool autumn evenings.

Damien Cardigan:

For those who love long coats. Features a nice combination of stitches to create attractive textures. Seems to be right in between a light and heavy coat.
Also with pockets on the front, but that is something I would probably skip to keep it with a cleaner finish, as the contrast in textures seems enough.

Catlett Shawl:

Lovely and definitely not your everyday knitting project. The lace part almost resemble crochet stitches when looked from far away, but after closer inspection, you can notice they are knitting stitches.
Would look very nice with a contrasting shawl pin.

Botero Pullover:

For the turtle neck lovers, but with a tiny twist, showing an asymmetrical opening. Simple but still featuring a lovely detail.

Kathe Cardigan:

The details from the sleeves and back are to die for. Elegant and feminine. Good for a touch of unique style that can be worn in the office.

Hirst Pullover:

Although a nice and classic piece, seems rather boring with all the lovely options that are included in this magazine.

Calder Pullover:

Simple but intricate at the same time and nice shape. I imagine them with jeans and heels.

Rodin Cardigan:

Looks like a project that is fast to finish for how bulky is, and featuring garter stitch too. Garter stitch being among the first stitches almost any knitter learns, it soon becomes second nature to knit in garter stitch.

My only complaint would be the sleeves. Being bulky I expect it to be worn for colder days, and a longer sleeve would feel more appropriate. Luckily is something rather easy to fix.

Edmonia Shawl:

For any shawl lover, a lovely addition to the wardrobe.

El Greco Pullover:

Love the square shape of the neck, just perfect for layering. Maybe wearing it with a shirt underneath and let the neck peek thru. the cables and texture of the sweater are also lovely and captivating.

Azure Lake Sweater:

Very handsome sweater. With the right color combination would look nice on anyone.

Rawah Pullover:

Very simple in looks, and also easy to make. A classic shape with a simple pattern.

Fall River Vest:

The color work or this vest is captivating!
Looks intricate, but the nice color combination of similar tones makes it work together wonderfully.

Bandelier Socks:

Another great project featuring a color work worthy of admiration.

Neota Cardigan:

Nice cables and stripes, giving it some shape and texture. I’m not convinced with the few number of buttons. I would either remove them completely or add them all the way.

Bear Lake Pullover:

Another masculine piece. Showing some texture, but simple enough to look nice on any man. We knitters know how hard can be to knit the perfect pullover for the guys in our lives.

Nakai Peak Hat:

Great texture work. Unisex in my opinion. Would make as a gift, since is something rather fast to finish, could be worn by anyone and just needs some change in color depending personal preference.

Thompson River Socks:

Nice project, but not something I’d make. Reminds me of sock monkies.

Comanche Hill Cardigan:

Great colors, shape and details.

Hope you enjoyed this review of the Interwave Knits Fall 2016.

All photos belong to Interwave Knits



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