What was meant to be a weekly post now will become a monthly post where I will share my favorites.

I realized that it was too ambitious of me to find favorites every week AND post about them, so a monthly list of favorites seems more fitting, easier to fill, and easier to accomplish.

I not only juggle the blog, but social media accounts for it, an etsy shop, and after all that is done, I still have house chores to take care off, I need to help my son with homework, and do the grocery shopping (and maybe I’m even forgetting what else I need to do, oh the bills! yeah, I have to find time to see they’re all paid and to date), so as easy as posting weekly might sound at the begginning, the truth is that is not as easy in practice.

So, monthly it is!

And here are January’s Favorites!

I will start with yarn, knitting, and crochet since that is what we all care the most, and then talk about recipes and other random stuff.

Knitting Patterns

Whirligig Hat by Naomi Grace

knitted hat

I tested this lovely hat a while back. It was super quick to knit, I finished it the same day!
I love how easy to knit it was, and have the look of cables without needing a cable needle or to twist stitches.

Normally I don’t test often (or at all), but I needed a selfish project for myself, something to knit and not worry about grading and pattern writing, and this was a perfect project. Lovely, but not time-consuming.

Find this pattern here: Whirligig Hat

Fallen Leaves by Me

brioche stitch shawl

I need to mention this one, as it was a favorite to knit and design!

Brioche stitch is such a lovely and squishy stitch, and the texture and color it creates can produce a lovely combination.

Although I will admit that binding off took longer than I expected, but so worth it!

Find the pattern here:  Fallen Leaves

Crochet Patterns:

Owl Always Love You Valentine Caddy by Holly McNevan

I recently put together a roundup post with free crochet patterns for Valentine’s Day: Free Crochet Patterns For Valentine’s Day
And this little owl just won my heart! Is cute, lovely and cuddly! And I really hope to find time to make one (or 3, one for each kid)
Find it here: Owl Always Love You, Valentine Caddy

Chunky Chunky Cardi By Me

I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t mention this pattern, as it is a favorite in so many ways! It was a favorite to make, is a favorite to wear, and the yarn I used is a favorite too.

So cozy, so warm, is a hug that you can wear!

Find it here: Chunky Chunky Cardi


Super Tuff Puff by Knit Picks

super tuff puff yarn

THIS YARN!!!! big, chunky and so warm! This is the reason my Chunky CHunky Cardi feels like you are wearing a hug! Without this yarn, it would not be possible to be-be so warm and snug!

I’m sad winter is fading away, because I SO want to make more things with chunky yarn! But for what remains of winter, I will be wearing this puppy until the season’s change, and when the time comes, I will get back to chunky projects!

Jack Skellington – Pixie Dust Yarns

jack skellington hand dyed yarn

What can I say? I am a HUGE Jack Skellington & The Nightmare Before Christmas fan.

And when I say HUGE I mean it! So much, when in doubt, my friends will present me with anything jack skellington for birthdays or Xmas presents and they know I will be happy.

SO how not to love this colorway?

Find it here: Jack Skellington Yarn


Creamy Tomato and Spinach Pasta by Budget Bites

I found this dish on Pinterest of course!

And is delicious. I love almost anything pasta, but creamy recipes are my favorites!

Find it here: Creamy Tomato and Spinach Pasta


So this is it for January’s Favorites, I will be back with more at the end of February! 😉

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If you wish to support my work and help me keep free content coming, considering leaving a tip on Ko-Fi