Knit Mandala Cowl FREE knitting pattern

Knit Mandala Cowl FREE knitting pattern: this pattern is designed to be paired with the Mandala Yarn by Lion Brand. It takes advantage of the special gradient colors of the Mandala yarn so you can focus on the pattern and stitches, and forget about doing color changes. And what is best about this self-striping yarn is that you won’t need to weave in so many ends!!

Knit Mandala Cowl free knitting pattern. FREE knitting pattern for the mandala yarn by Lionbrand. Includes written pattern and video tutorial.


I like this yarn so much, that this is not my first Lion Brand Mandala yarn pattern, my first pattern for the Mandala yarn was a crocheted cowl: Crochet Mandala Cowl

And I even created a roundup of free crochet patterns designed specifically to go with this yarn: Free Crochet Patterns For the Mandala Yarn

SO, is only fair that I also create beautiful patterns for my knitter friends!

For this Mandala Cowl, I chose the colorway named “Thunderbird” because the colors feel like fall/autumn colors to me. I thought it was going to be perfect for the season, and maybe even wear it on Thanksgiving.

This project for the Mandala yarn, (just like my previous one), is a “one cake project”, meaning you will only need one cake of this yarn to complete your pattern. I deliberately made this decision to use only one cake or less, to make it easier to finish, and because matching colors with this yarn can be a bit challenging.

Since one of the best features of the Mandala Yarn is that you don’t need to do the color changes yourself, and therefore is an easier yarn to work with, I wanted to keep this project as simple as possible when it comes to color changes and joining new yarn.

BUT, since that side is easy and take care of, we can focus on more challenging stitches and pattern repeats, to obtain an intricate cowl.

The stitches and pattern repeat by themselves are not hard to make, and just in case I am providing a video tutorial as a visual aid for all of you that are visual learners (just like I am). But the interesting part of this pattern is that every couple (+) rows, the stitches/pattern repeat changes, which gives us that intricate and very different look.

Knit Mandala Cowl free knitting pattern. FREE knitting pattern for the mandala yarn by Lionbrand. Includes written pattern and video tutorial.

Knit Mandala Cowl FREE knitting pattern specifics:

Skill level: Intermediate

Gauge: 16 sts by 24 rows = 4 in (10 cm) in stockinette after blocking.

Stitches used and abbreviations:

  • CO = Cast On
  • K = Knit
  • P= Purl
  • K2tog = Knit two together
  • SSK = slip slip knit
  • YO = Yarn over
  • Cable 4 right = slip 2 sts on cable needle and hold in back, knit 2 sts from left needle, knit 2 from cable needle.
  • Cable 4 left = slip 2 sts on cable needle and hold in front, knit 2 sts from left needle, knit 2 from cable needle
  • Sl1 wyif = Slip 1 with yarn in front
  • Sl1 = Slip 1

Yarn: Mandala by Lion Brand Yarns.

Lightweight; DK (#3) (11 wpi)

Sample was made with colorway “thunderbird”

Yardage: 400 yards (365 meters)

Needle: US # 8 (5.00 mm) circular 32 inches cord, or necessary needle to obtain gauge.


To get to the free pattern and video, keep scrolling down.

Or you can get an Ad-free printable PDF here: Knit Mandala Cowl PDF

Knit Mandala Cowl free knitting pattern. FREE knitting pattern for the mandala yarn by Lionbrand. Includes written pattern and video tutorial.

Knit Mandala Cowl FREE knitting pattern:

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CO 200 sts – Join to work in rounds.

Round 1 to 5: K2, p2.
Round 6: K1, p1.
Round 7: P1, k1.
Round 8 to 10: Knit.
Round 11 to 13: Purl.
Round 14 to 16: Knit.
Round 17: Cable 4 right, p1.
Round 18 to 20: Knit.
Round 21: Cable 4 left, p1.
Round 22 to 24: Knit.
Round 25: Cable 4 right, p1.
Round 26 to 27: Knit.
Round 28: P1, sl1 wyif.
Round 29: Sl1, k1.
Round 30: Purl.
Round 31 & 32: Knit.
Round 33: K1, p4.
Round 34: K2, p3.
Round 35: K3, p2.
Round 36: K4, p1.
Round 37 & 38: Knit.
Round 39: P1, sl1 wyif.
Round 40: Sl1, k1.
Round 41: Purl.
Round 42: K2, yo, ssk
Round 43 & 44: Knit.
Round 45: Purl.
Round 46 & 47: K2, p2.
Round 48 & 49: P2, k2.
Round 50 & 51: K2, p2.
Round 52 & 53: P2, k2.
Round 54: K6, k2tog, yo, k2.
Round 55: K5, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk.
Round 56: K7, yo, ssk, k1.
Round 57 & 58: Knit.
Round 59: K2tog, yo.
Round 60: Knit.
Round 61: K2, *yo, ssk. Repeat from * to end of round
Round 62: Knit.
Round 63: K2tog, yo.
Round 64: Knit.
Round 65 to 70: K2, p2.


Bind off.

Block to measurements.

Knit Mandala Cowl FREE knitting pattern, video tutorial:


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24 thoughts on “Knit Mandala Cowl FREE knitting pattern”

  1. thank you finally for a knit pattern using the mandala yarn….All I ever see is crochet! so appreciated!! Can’ t wait to knit it up!!

  2. This looks beautiful – I can’t wait to try it with my mandala cake in my stash!
    Couple pattern questions for you. First, what length cord did you use with the needles? Also, on line 42 did you mean SSK (instead of SKK)? Also on 42 – does it really add that many stitches with the YO or should there be a K2TOG as well? Thanks!

    1. I used a 32 inches cord with my needles.
      YES! is supposed to read SSK, for slip slip knit. There is not a k2tog with round 42 because the SSK is a decrease, so every YO is compensated by the following ssk stitch. Hope that helps, and THANK YOU very much for catching that typo! If you email me your Ravelry ID I will gift you a copy of this pattern as a PDF as a way of saying thank you. My email can be found on my about me page in this blog 🙂

  3. If I want to adjust the stitch count would that be in increments that are divisible by both 4 & 5 which would be by 20 stitches?

  4. I love this pattern and have made more than one in different colors. It certainly helped me to build my skills and make some wonderful works. Thank you!!

    1. You are welcome. It makes me really happy to know 0eople love my patterns. And even more when someone makes more than one!! It really says something.
      If you’re looking to build more skills, I’m about to release a very easy top. So you can practice making garments. Is only knit stitches and bind offs. If you take a peek on my Instagram you can see what’s coming.

  5. Hi,
    It is a beautiful pattern! I was wondering if you did not join, but worked back and forth, would it work out with the pretty stitch pattern.?
    I thought it would be beautiful as a wrap and was just curious if I followed the pattern without joining if it might work out?

    Thank-you for your help and for the beautiful pattern!

    1. Thank you!

      If you know how circular knitting and flat knitting is different, you might be able to modify it and have something similar.
      In a couple of rows in this pattern you just have to “knit”, but since is circular, you end up with stockinette stitch, if you where to knit many rows flat, you would end up with garter stitch. Which are completely different textures.
      If you know this, you can knit the right side rows, and purl the wrong side rows to achieve the intended effect/look which is that of stockinette stitch.
      But following this pattern stitch by stitch and flat instead of circular will give you an entirely different look. It might still b pretty, but I wouldn’t know the result without trying it out myself.

  6. First of all, thank you for a beautiful pattern! I`m enjoying it a lot. There is one thing I`ve been wondering about though. What is the difference between knit2together and ssk? Isn`t it the same? Thanks once again!

    1. Hi Anna!
      I’m so glad you are enjoying my pattern.
      As for k2tog/ssk, they are both a 1 stitch decrease, so in that they are the same. The difference comes on the way they are worked, AND that one makes your stitches lean towards the right, (k2tog), and the other will make your stitch lean towards the left (ssk). This pattern mixes them up to balance the leaning of the stitches, but if you prefer one decrease over the other, you can choose to make that one. Since this is a cowl ad worked in rounds, the leaning stitches won’t affect the overall look of the project that much, unless you look really close.
      I hope I was able to help. 🙂

  7. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for a knit pattern using the Mandala yarn, they are hard to come by! Does this use most of one ball? I’d like to use it up so if it doesn’t I’ll add a few repeat rounds of my favourite parts of the pattern. Thanks!

      1. Thank you so much, Mary! That is perfect! I much prefer the idea of a hat to go along with the cowl. I really appreciate your help and am so glad I found your patterns. You’ve gained a follower!

        1. Hi Emily,
          It makes me so happy that you like my patterns, and that you like the idea of making a hat to go along with the cowl. I’m a lot like you in that aspect, I like to use up all my yarn as much as possible. I paid for it and I want to make the most of it!
          Best wishes!

  8. I don’t understand how ssk [SLIP SLIP KNIT] is a decrease. Can you explain, please. This pattern is beautiful and I am anxious to try it. My sister sent me some mandala yarn for my birthday and most of the patterns I find for it are crochet patterns..

    1. I had the same problem as a beginner. The thing is you slip two stitches and then you knit them both together. Not like it sounds, that you would slip 2 and skip then and then knit. I know it sounds weird, but here is a video that will help you:
      And if you can’t do it yet, go for k2tog, for this pattern will work as well.
      Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you.

  9. Hi! I am loving the cowl so far and am realizing that I will not use up the whole skein. I was thinking that I would use the rest to make a semi-matching hat. I scrolled through the comments to see if I saw anything that would be helpful for this. I noticed that you had posted a pattern for a matching hat, but the link just directs me to different business websites like an ad link would. Do you still offer this hat pattern somewhere?

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