I Like Knitting August 2016 - Review. Check all the patterns included in the August 2016 Issue of the Magazine I Like Knitting and their review.

I Like Knitting Magazine’s Issue for August 2016 is out! And here’s a short review of the patterns included.

If you want to grab a copy of this issue go to: www.ilikeknitting.com

Bon Voyage Tote:

Carry all your summer essentials in style with this summery striped tote. Double seed stitch gives this tote texture and interest and jute handles complete the look.  (Extract from the magazine)

-Lovely design and colors. Looks like you could easily use the base of this pattern and adapt it to many sizes.
Interesting combination of stripes and placement of said stripes.

Caribbean Cables Scarf:

The cable and lace motifs in this scarf look like fish swimming in the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean. Wear this scarf with a pretty dress of over a simple summer tee.  (Extract from the magazine)

  • Simple lace scarf, featuring a design that resembles twisted leaves. The edges show an irregular pointy design, adding to it’s unique look.

Diamond Days Shawl:

Large and small diamonds play together across this triangular shawl. The silk content in the ocean-blue yarn adds a luxurious drape and a slight sheen to the finished project. (Extract from the magazine)

  • The name says it all, a lovely shawl, featuring diamonds designs. Nice combination of lace work with geometric constructions, simple yet elegant.

Lilac Mist Shawl:

This lightweight piece is a crescent-shaped shawl knit top down with a delicate all-over lace body. It’s perfect for adding a subtle color to a neutral dress for summer evenings.  (Extract from the magazine)

  • Another lovely lace shawl. Perfect for summer or even spring, when you don’t really need much coverage. More of a statement piece to add some accent to your outfit, than a necessary one.

Wish You Well Shawl:

This slender crescent shawl has an open wave cable and a border of flower bulbs. Autumn is around the corner which means it’s time to have a shawl to cover your shoulders as you venture outside to take photos of the sunset. (Extract from the magazine)

  • A petite shawl, almost a scarf. Showing a lovely lace edge with waves. Could easily be worn as a shawl or scarf, giving it versatility.

Long Weekend Shawl:

This sideways crescent shawl with a bold border of lace provides a touch of summer whimsy to a traditional cool-weather accessory. Get ready for a shift in seasons by sporting this classic piece.  (Extract from the magazine)

  • The edge almost resembles some crochet fantasy stitches, nice for a change in looks but still a knitting project. Also looks like a neat stash or scrap yarn booster project.

Autumn Snap Shawl:

A sideways shawl that is truly ready for the first cold snap! With a colorway and lacework that reminds us of looking up at falling leaves, this shawl is ready for chilly evenings.(Extract from the magazine)

  • Lovely leaves edge and the chosen colors go perfectly with the chosen name. Definitely reminds me of the golden Autumn colors.

Wonderland Shawl:

The shawl that sparkles and shines in the sun is the shawl you need to make this summer. This bright yarn is perfect to mix with other bright accessories for a summer outfit that truly shines. (Extract from the magazine)

  • Definitely a nice piece, but nothing too glamorous or unique.

Star Hem Cardigan:

This swingy, easy-to-wear cardigan is just the thing to throw on over a simple tee and jeans. It is intended to be worn open and be roomy and comfortable. (Extract from the magazine)

  • I love the back and edges. Don’t you?
    But I am not convinced about the short sleeves. If I ever make it, I’m sure I will adapat it to create longer sleeves.

Bubble Gum Top:

What’s summer without a little bubblegum pink? This vibrant warm-weather top has beautiful lace touches and a ribbed design that truly pops against this playful hue. (Extract from the magazine)

  • Simple but creative top. The textured stripes are a nice touch, and the same pattern for the lower edge and sleeves bring the piece together.

Cotton Candy Top:

This is a light summer raglan top with short sleeves and open back neckline. Tied up with a bow, this top is ready to go on all your summer adventures! (Extract from the magazine)

  • Nice lace work, but what really got my attention is that nice boat neck. Something I haven’t done before in any knitting project. I really would love to play with this pattern.

Lemon Drop Shrug:

This pattern is a delightful and delicate shrug for a young girl with a sweet floral motif. Pair this shrug with little summer dresses for a look as sweet as can be. (Extract from the magazine)

  • Adorable and classic piece. Reminds me of a cardigan I had as a baby, that now belongs to my baby girl.


Berry Playful Top:

The snake’s head fritillary, a gorgeous bell-shaped flower, inspired this raspberry-colored top. The stitch pattern, at the bottom edge and center panel, mimics the distinctive checkered markings and bell-like form of these charming flowers. (Extract from the magazine)

  • Another lovely piece. Wouldn’t this go perfectly with a knitted skirt and matching yarn? Creating a two piece dress. I’m in love with the idea.

Ruffled Romper:

Your little one will feel so special in this adorable romper. The best part is that you can have your little one wear this romper with the buttons in the front or the back. It’s perfect for playtime with Eloise the Elephant. (Extract from the magazine)

  • Remarcable stitch work. Still, I’m not sure about this piece. Even when looks lovely in the picture, I don’t think I could dress any of my girls in it.

Butterfly Garden Dress:

Inspired by the colors of summer, this simple sundress is sure to get a lot of wear this season. The front and back are stitched together at the sides and the armhole edging and straps are knitted afterwards. (Extract from the magazine)

  • Very simple, but lovely.

Eloise the Elephant:

Ready for some serious snuggling? Eloise the Elephant is too! She’s got a nice fat belly, perfect for squishing. She’s also the perfect blank canvas for any fun embellishments you can think of to add. (Extract from the magazine)

  • Adorable, adorable, adorable. This one little knitted toy sold it for me, I would buy the magazine, only to get this pattern, the rest is a lovely add on, but this is the piece that sold it.

Hangin’ Round Blanket:

This blanket is a mix of intricate Arabic and Indian motifs. The bobble-and-lace motif is taken from Indian henna art and the stranded motif from wrought-iron balconies in Lebanon. The result is a beautiful and elegant circular blanket, enough to give a baby warmth, but not too heavy or toasty. (Extract from the magazine)

  • More adorable projects! Very unique. Haven’t seen many pieces like this one. Another great addition to the magazine.

Citrus Twist Dishcloths:

Brighten up your kitchen with a twist of citrus! These dishcloths are easy to work up and make a great gift set for summer parties. (Extract from the magazine)

  • Talking about scrap yarn booster projects, this one is another great resource. Easy to make, quick to finish, and very little yarn needed.

Block Party Afghan:

This beautiful afghan is worked in different colored blocks in the garter stitch. The joining of the blocks creates the eye-pleasing effect of this lovely design. Since each block is worked separately, it is a perfect project for on the go. (Extract from the magazine)

  • This is the type of afghan that I like to make, because is worked in little pieces that later are sewed toegether. The bigger pieces can be hard to finish the more you knit, as they become bulky and hard to turn to continue knitting.

Berry Cute Backpack:

Carry everything you need for back to school in this adorable strawberry backpack. A zipper opening gives you full access to the roomy interior while two side pockets hold all your small items. (Extract from the magazine)

  • Although is is a “berry cute” design indeed, I am not sure how a knitted backpack will hold school books nicely. Maybe as a weekend backpack, something to take to sleepovers.

On Island Time Coasters:

Simple coasters make for a quick way to turn your porch into a nautical paradise! With a sailboat, shell, crab and anchor motifs, these coasters are ready to set sail. (Extract from the magazine)

  • More scrap booster projects! I simply love little projects that help me do something with the left over yarn I save.

Pacific Poncho:

The original inspiration for this design was the way the water glimmers in the late morning as the haze lifts off the Pacific and the sand reflects the light of the sun back towards the sky as the temperature begins to rise. It’s the perfect poncho to slip on over a tee for a chilly morning walk. (Extract from the magazine)

  • Seems like a lot of work, but oh, so worth it!

Coastal Cover Up:

This pretty lace poncho is a casual alternative to a summer cardigan – and much easier to knit than a sweater! It features different lace combinations broken up by rows of stockinette stitch. Cover-up for the beach or wear as a poncho for summer errands. (Extract from the magazine)

  • I love ponchos and wraps, and I need this in my collection. Nice stripes concealed between the lace designs.

Boardwalk Tee:

This casual summer tee with colorblock details provides a fun opportunity to play with color. Simple stockinette and garter are spiced up with a unique construction that will have you wearing this hand-knit garment all summer long.  (Extract from the magazine)

  • Simple, yet classic and with a touch of modern with the right choice of colors for the stripes.

High Tides Cowl:

This cowl was inspired by late August days at the ocean. The wavy stitch pattern and bubbly lace pattern echo the waves and surf at a rocky shore. Wear the cowl un-looped or twisted, depending on your preference!  (Extract from the magazine)

  • I will be honest and blunt. I don’t like it. The colors don’t go well in my opinion and looks like just some knitted blocks sewed toegether. Maybe with the right colors would be nicer.

I Like Knitting August 2016 - Review. Check all the patterns included in the August 2016 Issue of the Magazine I Like Knitting and their review.

Harbor Scarf:

Knit with less than 100g of laceweight yarn in the Harbor colorway, this scarf is light as a feather. The wool content in the yarn will still give just the right amount of warmth for transitional weather months or breezy days at the harbor.  (Extract from the magazine)

  • Nice piece, make it a little wider and could double as a shawl.

I Like Knitting August 2016 - Review. Check all the patterns included in the August 2016 Issue of the Magazine I Like Knitting and their review.

Tide Pool Lace Scarf:

Reminiscent of mossy tide pools and pretty ocean colors, this lace scarf is perfect for warm weather. Wear this scarf to Sunday brunch with the girls or a summer night out.  (Extract from the magazine)

  • There is not much that I can say about this piece, is a nice lacework and will go well with almost any outfit.


Hope you enjoyed the review of the patterns included in the latest issue of I Like Crochet. All the pictures are from I Like Knitting Magazine.


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