Link parties, link up, blog parties, and other names around there…



I started to read more and more about blogging tips, how to bring more readers and so on.
I got a few ebooks, both payed and free, and dug around some blogs post where bloggers share their advice and experience.
And over and over I would read that link parties are a good way to bring more readers and grow your blog; the thing is,
I had no idea what a link party was. So, how I am suppose to use link parties to grow my blog, without even knowing what is all about?

I never intended to create posts about blogging and give tips or advice, as I consider myself a newbie. But since I just
learned something new and I think is something worth sharing, here it goes…

Basically link parties, are blog post created to share your post in other blogs. Most of them have rules to follow, a few have themes
and others are everything you want to add. Most of the link parties I found are hosted every week, although one or two are monthly.
The way to participate is to find a blog (or more than one blog) that host a link up party, then you only need to follow
the rules and guides and post your link to one of your posts.
Just look for for a “link up” or “add your link” button, you will add the link to your post, add the name of your blog, and also chose one image to be featured and contain the link to your post. Is easier than I though!

Another way is to host your own link party!
I found a cool wordpress free plug in to create link parties in your blog, I just searched for “blog party” in the “add plug-in”
area and found one, although I haven’t tried it yet, so later when I have the chance to experiment with it, will write a little
review about how it worked for me.

There are many blogs that host link parties, and many themes available, crafts, knit and crochet, food and recipes, and everything at one.

Now, how can link parties help you grow your blog?

The most obvious way, is that you get your post shared, that means more views!

Another way is by networking. Although this one is not a direct result from link parties, it is also possible if you want to use it for this purpose. When you find a link party to share your blog post, you will also find other bloggers in your same niche that are also sharing their post.
Is easy to connect and network, just visit their blogs and leave a comment, share your own blog!
by connecting with other bloggers, you could request or offer to guest post, and so both bloggers can benefit from this.

Also, more links to your blog means better SEO, google and other search engines view your blog as trustworthy when there are
more links that point to your blog. And the better your SEO the easier for readers to find your blog using search engines.


Want to participate in some link parties?

Just check my directory here: Link Fiesta
 will be updating that page with the link parties that I find, so check it regularly to see what’s new!

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If you wish to support my work and help me keep free content coming, considering leaving a tip on Ko-Fi