Make in a Day: Wedding Crafts

by Natalie Wright



Make in a day Wedding crafts: is a little book containing just 15 DIY projects, but every single one is just as adorable as the previous one presented.

These projects are really easy, and the instructions are well written as well. The step by step photos are clear and provide the extra help to visualize how to create all the goodies.

Make in a day Wedding crafts focus on wedding decor and items of course, but so many of these projects can be also used in other situations. My favorite project is the wood lanterns one. Besides being a beautiful decor for a rustic wedding, I can see them decorating a porch or even a tabletop. It has a rustic and farmhouse vide, and is just so pretty!

Wood lantern project

Make in a day wedding crafts book review. DIY beginner friendly projects that can be completed in less than a single day.

More Projects

The Markee letter sign project will look adorable in a girl or teen’s bedroom. The table settings can be used for any occasion, like a big Thanksgiving dinner. And let’s not forget the silverware holders, as they will also make a great addition to any special holiday’s table decor.

Oh, and the Gittler sneakers! I know my girls would just love if we make a pair. I can already see ourselves playing with glue and glitter, and making them together. Sure it will be a mess, but I love crafts and I can’t wait to see my little one’s faces when they proudly wear something that they made themselves.

For any Bride, Groom, Mother, or family member looking to add a touch of handmade DIY to the BIG day, this book will be your guide and inspiration. Not to mention that can mean hours of fun and save money on the very expensive store-bought stuff. Get this book and save up for the honeymoon!

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