How to Make Money Online With This Free Etsy Alternative

This post if for you, if….

  • You’re looking for ways to make money online
  • You need a side income, that doesn’t require you to leave your current job
  • Maybe need an online source of income so you can quit your job?
  • A way to earn an income while staying at home
  • Have products you want to offer online
  • Have services you want to offer online
  • Have an etsy store and you’re looking for free alternatives

How to make money online free etsy alternative

I’m sure you heard of etsy, this online store where you can find many handmade items, printables, jewelry and other goodies.

The problem for new merchants with most online stores like etsy or Shopify is that they charge you to have your store. Etsy charges you for each listing AND it takes a percentage of the final sale. Also, each etsy listing has an expiration date, so if you don’t sell your product, after a certain time it gets erased and if you want it up in your store again, you will have to pay to list it again. With Shopify you have to pay a monthly fee. If your starting to sell on Shopify and you don’t know what to sell yet, that’s ok! Check out this guide all about dropshipping niche or general store and which is best for you as it may help you decide what to sell!

This discourages many possible vendors, especially new ones since they don’t yet know if their product would sell. And leads many to ask is Shopify worth it? And not everyone has the extra money that is required to spend just on setting up your shop, not to mention the cost of material, supplies, and time you spend on creating your product.

What if I tell you that there is a free alternative?

Is called, is an online store and is a like a combination of etsy and Pinterest.

You can easily buy and sell products, services, even rent anything!

I created my store too! Check it here: My Store

So, How does Ezebee works?

To buy:

  • Search what you want,
  • Contact the seller,
  • Make your payment,
  • Receive your order.

To Sell:

  • Create your profile,
  • Post your offer,
  • Receive payment,
  • Deliver your offer.

What Can You Sell?


  • Products: Jewelry, Crafts, Prints, Furniture, Artwork, Secondhand. Sell things that you no longer use, sell crafts you make, crochet items, knitting items, anything!
  • Digital Products: Printables, ebooks.
  • Services: Offer your services as a writer, graphic designer, blogging services, virtual assistant, anything!
  • Rent: Do you have apartments for rent, a car, again anything!

Who Can Sell on Ezebee?


  • Brands and Companies
  • Freelancers
  • Individuals

How Much? For How Long?

FREE! You can add as many listing as you want and is completely free.
And they DON’T expire! Your listing will be visible until you decide you no longer wish to offer that product or service.

As you can see, there is nothing to lose with trying! If you don’t sell anything, it was completely free to list it. But if you do sell, then there’s more money for you. Maybe even a new business!

Is fast and easy.. In 2 days I had my store up and running!

  • Day one 1 I created my account but had no products yet. So I spent almost all day creating my products, the description, and image.
  • Day 2 I created all my listings. Take a peek here: My Ezebee Store

Examples of the products I offer:

To the moon printable To the moon printable

So, don’t be scared and give it a try, create your online store here

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If you wish to support my work and help me keep free content coming, considering leaving a tip on Ko-Fi