Back in the day, comic books were something to be enjoyed, made by others, fortunate souls that managed to break through into the industry and found their calling. We used to dream of being those select few, our stories read and enjoyed by others. First in newspapers (some are even still going as of today!), then in pulp magazines, then in their own publications. But times have changed. Thanks to the internet, and sites like Deviantart and the like, you can create and self publish your own comic books, without having to work so hard to achieve it. You can even publish your comic on Facebook and interact directly with your readers.

But now I ask you: Should you? The answer is always yes. Comic Books are an incredible medium for artistic and personal expression. You can reach people and inspire them (for example go no further than the late Stan Lee, and how even now he continues to inspire millions to do good and to be good), help them find peace in a bad time in their lives by making a story of something going through a similar obstacle or situation, or just entertain them and take them into a journey through make-believe to pass the time and relax the mind. It’s a versatile medium, and just like movies and TV series and books, you can do anything you want with it. It is your way to tell others what you think, what you feel, and share information and your point of view, in a very accessible way.

That brings up an important subject: Comic books are, like all the other mediums I’ve mentioned, for all ages. There are comic books for small children, there are comic books for children, for teens, for adults. Depending on the story you wish to tell and the target audience, it’s how simple or complex the writing and the art will be. Computers have also made very easy for anyone to be able to learn and start doing comic books. Blogs such as this, online courses, video tutorials and more are already available to all. There are even software applications that can help you make great art without too much effort (bear in mind: nothing is effortless though).

In following articles I will address some technical aspects such as drawing comic books, writing and publishing. But for now, remember, you don’t need to have superpowers to help others, you can write and draw about those who do and be a hero yourself!


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