Mario Bros Star Amigurumi

Mario Bros Star Amigurumi pattern



Do you also love Mario Bros?

Where and when you played it for the first time? – For me was ages ago that I don’t even remember, it was on the atari. (did I just gave up my age here? :P)

Do you have a friend that’s a gamer and Nintendo fan that would like this little Star?

I am a gamer at heart, I still play video games. Some call me nerdy or geeky, I think I’m just another fangirl, but in reality is just that I’m still a kid inside.

Anyways, it doesn’t matter if you make it for yourself, for your best friend, for your kids or anyone in between, let me show you how I created mine, so you can make one of your own…

Mario Bros Star Amigurumi pattern 02      Mario Bros Star Amigurumi pattern





  • 1 inch = 4 stitches

Stitches Used:


Mario Bros Star Amigurumi

How to Make The Mario Bros Star Amigurumi

Crocheted Star (Make 2)

You will need to make to flat stars, to find the Free Pattern just go here: Crochet Star Pattern

Crochet Star Free Pattern and video tutorial


Once you have both stars ready, get the black yarn and get it in a needle as if you were going to sew. Choose one of the stars and sew with the black yarn to create both eyes. Just make 2 long lines.

After making the eyes, create a knot to secure the yarn and fasten off.

Join both stars, wrong sides together (wrong sides facing what will be the inside of the amigurumi).

Get yellow yarn in the needle (The same color you used to crochet the star, that way any seams won’t be noticeable), and start sewing around the corners of the star and so closing it. Leave a small opening and start stuffing the star with the fiberfill stuffing. Finish closing the amigurumi Mario Bros Star,  and fasten off.


If the instructions got you a little confused, or you’re not too sure about how to proceed, just watch the video on how I put together this Mario Bros Star Amigurumi


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Mario Bros Star Amigurumi Video Instructions

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I hope you liked this little tutorial on how to make a Mario Bros Star amigurumi Happy Crocheting!

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