Monthly Bill Checklist Free Printable, easy to download, print and use right sawy.



Do you also have a little trouble remembering which bills are already paid and which ones are still unpaid?
Well, I was… Especially because I pay some bills and hubby pays others, so it was always somewhat confusing.

Keeping the receipts in a box is not that useful if then they get all mixed, and also there are those bills that are paid online, so I don’t get those receipts printed.

I kept the “Bills” section blank, because we all have different bills, and the order on which we pay them, or just the order that makes sense to write them down is also different for all of us.
I find is better if we can customize it to our own needs and taste.

So, I made a very simple printable, is sized at 8.5 x 11 which is standard letter size and can be printed on any home printer and easily added to any binder.

Now, I keep it handy, and as soon as a bill is paid, I draw a check mark in it’s the corresponding box. Easy enough to fill out and easy to check what is still unpaid.
Also, one sheet of paper is good for the entire year!

One paper is less mess, less to keep track off, less clutter!


Download your Monthly Bill Tracker Free Printable


Monthly Bill Checklist Free Printable

I hope you find this little printable useful. If you do, don’t forget to let me know by leaving a comment below.

Maybe I can keep making these little printable helpers if they are useful to you all 😉

Monthly Bill Checklist Free Printable – organization printable


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