I’m moving… (Again!)

I’m slowly starting to pack our stuff, some boxes are ready, but there are a lot more to go.

I’m not very fond of all the packing/moving process, but I do what needs to be done and in an effort to make things at least just a tiny bit easier and organized, I created some simple packing labels to print at home and use to organize all the boxing mess.

Packing labels - free printable. Make your moving just a little bit easier by being prepared and use this simple, yet useful packing label to organize boxes

In our last move, I labeled every box, but I wasn’t very specific as everything that was IN the box. I wrote broad descriptions, like “Tools”, or “Bedroom”, for some boxes that was all that was needed, like “books”, you know where your books will go, but when you just write “Bedroom” or “Kitchen stuff” you may know where to put the box, but when looking for specific stuff it can get way complicated to find it. I had to open so many boxes before I could find what we were looking for, and after a while, it gets really frustrating.


I also made the mistake to write in the boxes themselves, and I had a little problem with the first few boxes that I packed many days before the moving… The writing was starting to fade, making things just a little more complicated.


So, this time, I will use paper labels instead, and also have plenty of space to be more specific about the contents of the box.


I also found out that even though you packed all the boxes, in the middle of all that stress, you tend to forget what is inside, what is to be handled with more care than other stuff, so I also added some “FRAGILE” labels.


Little tips: You can print it using adhesive paper and make it a little easier to add it to the boxes. And if you prefer to use just regular paper, you can recycle any old paper you don’t use anymore, and print it on the other side. Since the opposite side won’t be seen anyways.


Download: Packing Labels  PDF – Packing Labels JPG


* Do you have any moving tips to share? – I will need them, and will be greatly appreciated.

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If you wish to support my work and help me keep free content coming, considering leaving a tip on Ko-Fi