Craftytuts Podcast – Episode 08

Hello crafty friends!

I am SO late in posting this episode.

I recorded it a while ago, and life just made me forget I had it.

Today I was cleaning up my documents and erasing photos and such that I won’t be needing anymore, like repeated yarn photos I took for Instagram. And I found I has this episode ready to upload.

In this episode I mention finishing my Knitted Turtleneck top and that is not available yet. But it actually is!!

Since I forgot about it, I just kept posting my designs, and well I still wanted to share it with you. But there are some discrepancies.

I hope you still enjoy this episode.


Mentioned in this episode:

Sparkle Hustle Grow Box

Basic Crochet Top Pattern – Free Crochet Pattern

Basic Crochet Top Tutorial

Basic Knit Top Pattern – Free Knitting Pattern

Basic Knit Top Tutorial

19 Inches Purses Straps

Multi-Pocket Handbag Organizer

Galaxy Hand dyed yarn

Neverland – hand dyed yarn

Atlantis Hand Dyed Yarn

Snow Queen Hand dyed yarn

Faerie Godmother – hand dyed yarn

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