I am so exited to announce my very first magazine publication!

My Sea Salt Shawl Pattern is part of the “Catch a wave” collection in the I Like Knitting Magazine in their May/June 2018 Issue.

I was so eager to finally see the photos they took of my design.
I am so used to always being the photographer of my own designs, but this time they took care of the photography to make it cohesive with their magazine’s collection and theme.
I had to wait like everyone else to the release date to be able to see it, and finally is here!


This soft and airy asymmetrical shawl is the perfect companion to the beach on any warm summer day.
Its repetitive design is a breeze to work up and ideal for any knitter who is new to lace knitting or any experienced knitter that is looking for an easy, on-the-go pattern.

Designed with Knit Picks Lindy Chain, this design is meant to be lightweight and fresh.
A perfect summer companion to the beach or to late nights outdoors.

Knit Picks Lindy Chain, is a 70% Linen, 30% Pima Cotton blend. An amazing pair for any Spring/Summer project.
Available in 20 stunning shades that range from rich hues to soft pastels.
You just can go wrong with this yarn and project combination.

The process took months from start to publication:

  • Submitting the design idea,
  • Getting it accepted
  • Researching for the best yarn for the project,
  • Ordering and waiting for that yarn,
  • Planning everything together, design, stitches and yarn,
  • Knitting the sample,
  • Writing down the pattern,
  • Tech editing, testing, and final touches before publication,
  • Mailing the sample to be photographed by the magazine’s staff,
  • And finally, seeing it published!

Slow and time consuming process. But so rewarding after seeing the results.
As I mentioned above, this is my first experience in collaborating with someone else to get my design published. It was different, but I learned quickly how it all works.
Self publishing will still be part of my journey, but I’m also very exited to keep working with magazines and see my designs with different eyes.

Find it on I Like Knitting Here: Sea Salt Shawl


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If you wish to support my work and help me keep free content coming, considering leaving a tip on Ko-Fi