fingerless gloves free knitting pattern

Short Fingerless Gloves Free knitting pattern

Short Fingerless Gloves Free knitting pattern

Short Fingerless Gloves - Free knitting pattern easy knitting pattern for beginners. Quick project that can be finished in one day.


Hello there!

Just another free knitting pattern for you, 😀

A quick knitting project that can be finished in only one day. This short fingerless gloves knitting pattern is for beginners, as it only uses basic stitches.

I like to use this kind of fingerless gloves during fall, when is chill, but not yet cold to be wearing fingered gloves.
Besides helping me keep my hands warm, they are a lovely accessory that enhances what I’m wearing 😀

Although I mostly wear fingerless gloves during fall than any other time, they’re also nice for winter, if you need to use your fingers, say, for typing, using your cellphone, or knitting.




Stitches Used:

  • k – knit
  • p – purl
  • yo – yarn over

Short Fingerless Gloves Free knitting pattern (make 2)

by Mary Dickerson

Cast on 44 stitches
Row 1: K2, P2
Rows 2 to 22: Rep row 1
Row 23: *K2, P2* (8 times); cast off 8 stitches; k2, p2 until end of row
Row 24: [K2, P2]x1, cast on 8 stitches using the backwards cast on method; k2, p2 until end of row
Rows 25 to 33: Rep. row 1
Bind off using the picot technique
Sew seams.


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15 thoughts on “Short Fingerless Gloves Free knitting pattern”

  1. on row 23 K2 P2 (8times) does that mean 16 stitches or 8? I’ve tried it with the 16 stitches and then the next row doesn’t work out??

    1. Is k2,p2 8 times. Yes, 16 stitches, thenot bind off the following 8, to create the thumb opening. And after that continue with k2,p2 for the remaining stitches, it doesn’t need to be 8 repeats at the eND. Just how many you have left to work.

  2. Don’t understand the young 8 times. I tried yon then continue with k2 p2 but that just makes extra stitches and leaves 3 small holes in pattern! Can you help? What comes after you?

    1. the yo is to add the 8 stitches that were bind off in the previous row. if YO is not working out for you, try casting on 8 stitches. you can use the knit cast on. is you use the search bar in the side to look for cast on, I have 3 different video tutorials

  3. Moira Thomson

    Ok with row 23 but then row 24 is incorrect. If you k2, p2 8 times (32 stitches before you do the yn over then you are doing the yn over in the wrong place. With 44 stitches on the needle row 24 should be k2, p2 , yqrn over 8 times k2, p2 till end

    1. K2,P2 once, then 8 yo, or you can also use the backward cast one method to cast on 8 stitches, and then continue with K2, P2 until end of row.

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