single cast on

Single Cast On

Knitting For Beginners – Single Cast On

Knitting lessons for beginners. How to do the Single Cast On. Step by step video tutorial showing how to do the single cast on.


Everything has a base, and for knitting there is the cast on of the stitches. There are more than one way to create the cast on stitches.. Let’s start with the one I find the easiest to learn.

Learning to knit can be hard at the very beginning, holding the needles can be confusing, and wrapping the yard around them to create the patterns could seem intimidating.. At least it was for me.. But with practice, it becomes second nature, and now I can watch TV while knitting, and not pay too much attention to the knitting. (well, those patterns that are repetitive at least).

So, if you’re also interested in learning how to knit, this (to be) series of video tutorials could be helpful.

For the first video tutorial I show you how to do the single cast on, and I show to ways to achieve the same cast on.

So, follow the instructions, and in no time you will be knitting!


Single Cast On – Knitting for beginners

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4 thoughts on “Single Cast On”

  1. Thank you for this video, I’ve been trying up knit for quite a few years and never caught on now I’m knitting and no problems!! Awesome”

    1. I am SO happy this is helping you!!
      I struggled at the begining too, the needles just felt so odd in my hands. But the more you knit the easier it gets!

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