Thank you Mary for having me on your blog today. I am so happy to be here.


Hello Friends,


My name is Amanda and I make sweet clay charms and write about my own love of knitting over on my blog at Little Bitty Delights.

Do you ever promise yourself to NEVER buy more yarn because you have to much already? I know I have!
And guess what? I. Fail. Every. Time (*cough* ahem totally bought 4 skeins of yarn this week). Seriously though, we all think it. Don’t need to buy more yarn. Must use what I have.


That was more or less the conversation my friend Naomi, over at Sew Knit Create, and I had a couple of weeks ago. We were gushing about a new Indie Yarn Dyer she had found, lamenting that we didn’t need to add to the stash. I joked that what we really needed to do was dive into our stashes this summer. That’s when the idea was born. We needed to have a KAL themed around summer and getting thru our stash. After all we wanted to make room for more beauties we keep throwing into our cart!

On June 20th, we kicked off our Summer with a fun KAL called Stash Dive. It is being completely hosted on Instagram. Just like summer is a time to be laid back and relax, this KAL is relaxed too. You may knit whatever pattern delights you. Though I highly recommend checking out our sponsors who are pattern designers to see what lovely choices they have to offer! Choose yarn from your stash, then share with us on Instagram. Each week we will post a weekly theme, you snap a picture based on that theme, then use the hashtag #stashdivekal and you’ll be entered to win a skein, pattern, or treat from one of our lovely sponsors! Mary has graciously accepted to be one of our sponsors and entered a few of her patterns as prizes!  Stash Dive is a fun summer KAL to challenge you to work through some of those special skeins in your stash so you can make room for more yarn!

You can find info about our sponsors and weekly themes on our website We will also be posting the weekly themes on our Instagram feeds. You can find us there as @littlebittydelights and @sewknitc. We look forward to you joining us and all the fun creative pictures you will post! We encourage you to get creative with your photos as one winner will be chosen based on best photo!


Are you ready to make a splash in your stash?



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If you wish to support my work and help me keep free content coming, considering leaving a tip on Ko-Fi