Stationed In Alaska – Fort Wainwright Tour

Over a year ago, we stationed in Alaska. There are a couple of Army and Airforce bases here, but the one that we were assigned to is Fort Wainwright.

When my husband first informed me of our next destination, I freaked out. Alaska! I didn’t know what would mean to be stationed in Alaska.
I was a bit worried about the winter here, the prices, the travel, you name it!

So, to ease this worry I tried to look online for the place. I found some information and some photos, but it just didn’t feel like enough.

I then decided to look up on youtube, see if I could find any videos. Maybe someone talking about their experience, but I only found videos about people stationed in Japan, stationed in Italy, Germany and even stationed in Hawaii.  At least, all of them are considered OCONUS areas, which means overseas, so I was able to know a bit about what to expect about an overseas move with the army.

Anyway, information or no information, a time came for us to move, and we just had to figure things out.

With people being sent here year after year, I can only imagine that they must have some of the same questions I did when I was informed of our next station.

And so, I created a short video tour of Fort Wainwright.

Is not perfect, as we are in mid-winter, so I recorded from the car, while my husband drove us around. But at least is something that can show you a bit of this place, and maybe ease your curiosity. I also did it to share with friends and family that are curious about living on the “Last Frontier”

I decided to share public places, so you can have an idea of what to expect once you get here. I included places like the Hospital, the Commissary, The Exchange (or PX), and the ski area that is one our tourist places that are visited the most.

Hope you enjoy the video, and if you’re interested in more videos about Alaska or Miltary Wife Life, leave a comment and let me know!

Stationed In Alaska – Fort Wainwright Tour



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