Textured Knitted Leg Warmers
Textured Leg Warmers. Free knitting pattern. Cozy leg warmers, can be worn as boots cuffs, quick and easy knitting project.


These knitted leg warmers free knitting pattern is for anyone in the beginner level, as it only uses the knit and purl stitches.
So, if you are like me, only beginning to knit, this pattern is really easy to follow.

I love to make all kinds of accessories, and this time, I was in the mood to play with some leg warmers, as I previously already made a pair of boot cuffs. I opted to use a thick yarn to make the leg warmers really warm, they’re supposed to keep me warm after all!

Hope some of you will like it enough to make them too, and if you do, share some pictures with us! Will be so glad to see them!

And let me know if you like to see more of these free knitting patterns, so I can spend some time designing more of them.




You could also circular needles and join in the round. But keep in mind, that doing this will alter the pattern, and you will have to knit on purl stitches rows, to maintain that plain stockinette row.


k- knit Stitch
p- purl

Knitted Leg Warmers Pattern:

Cast on 40 stitches.

Row 1- k2, p2
Rows 2 to 6- Repeat row 1
Row 7- k1, p1
Row 8- p1, k1
Row 9 to 12- repeat rows 7 and 8
Row 13- knit
Row 14– purl
Row 15– knit
Row 16– purl
Row 17– k1, p1
Row 18– p1, k1
Row 19 to 22- repeat rows 17 and 18
Row 23– knit
Row 24– purl
Row 25– knit
Row 26– purl
Row 27– k1, p1
Row 28– p1, k1
Row 29 to 32– repeat rows 27 and 28
Row 33 to 38– k2, p2

Bind off and sew edges together. Unless you used circular needles and knitted in rounds.


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