Hello there!!! 😀

Time for another tutorial, this time will show you how you can save an old and dry pencil eyeliner by transforming it into a cream eyeliner.

pencil eyeliner to cream eyeliner

If you ever kept a pencil eyeliner for too long, (I don’t even remember how long I had mine), eventually it becomes dry, the application is not smooth as when you just bought it, and you can’t even sharpen it anymore! So the eyeliner goes to the trash and we get a new one..

That happened to me, or to my eyeliner I should say. It became dry, I could barely apply it because it wasn’t smooth anymore, and if that wasn’t enough to trow it away already, it broke 4 times in row when I tried to sharpen it.

But, since I was going to trow it away anyways, I decided to experiment with it first. At worst it wouldn’t work, and it would be destined to the trash. I wouldn’t lose much by giving it a try, and having fun in the middle, even if it didn’t work, I like to experiment (I’m still a little kid sometimes )


Well, the good thing is that it DID work!!

You will need:

– Your old and dry pencil eyeliner
– A knife or cutter
– A small container
– Organic coconut oil

Transform a pencil eyeliner into cream eyeliner


Keep in mind that coconut oil reacts to minimum changes in temperature, while most oils remain in a liquid form, when is fresh and cool (or even cold) coconut oil will be creamy, but with just a small amount of warmth, it will melt and turn liquid. So, don’t take it with you/put it in your purse during summer time or any hot day. There is a chance this could melt. I don’t know for sure, but I am not taking a risk, and neither should you, just keep it a home and be safe.



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If you wish to support my work and help me keep free content coming, considering leaving a tip on Ko-Fi