get kids to play outdoors this summer

Having outdoor activities is very important for growing children. Besides the more immediate good results, like exercises and getting them tired before bed, there are other less immediate and less noticeable benefits of enjoying some outdoor time. When it comes to schools such as ones similar to allnatt secondary schools trip being on offer, kids are more than happy to take part in these sorts of activities. But it is just then thinking of what you can do with them during the summer where they won’t get bored easily.

Spending the right amount of time outdoors is beneficial to us and our kids. And, yeah, I mean the “right” amount, because too little is not enough, and too much is not that good, like most things.

Human skin is capable of creating large amounts of Vitamin D when exposed to the sun. Today we consume the majority of our Vitamin D by ingesting food supplements, or in daily intake of reinforced milk. Even when our bodies are capable of producing Vitamin D, most of us need this supplement, because we rarely spend any time outdoors.

On the other hand, too much exposure to sunlight can cause skin cancer. So we need to be diligent about spending time outdoors and the time our kids spend outside

Not only the amount of time is important, but which hours of the day we remain outside. As you already know, noon is NOT a good time to spend outside, as the sun is higher and can cause more harm than good.

Anyways, to what you came here for:

Ways to Get Your Kids To Play Outdoors This Summer

  1. Sports!

Ah! All time favorite reason to go outside!

If possible, get them to sign up to a sports class/practice. Besides having fun outdoors, they will be able to make friends and play with other kids!
Not to mention that if the class is at least one hour, that gives you an hour to run errands, do chores or just have a few minutes to read a book, read a blog, or whatever you need to be done without the kids. Win win situation!

2. Gardening

I am aware that this option is not for everyone. Be it for the limited space, or the kid is just not interested. But for some can be really educational, become a nice hobby and get that good sunshine on us. Even if you live in an apartment, you can have a Pot-garden, and just have some small flowers, some herbs, and maybe one or two pots with food-plats. Give it a try and decide if this is the right activity to get the kids to play outside more.

Your kids will not only get to play outdoors but also have something to be proud of. Take care of that little plant and slowly see it grow.

3. Park or Playground

Although not a part of an everyday routine, taking the kids to a park or playground is another way to get them outdoors, exercise and burn some energy.
I do my best to take my kids to the park and let them play and run.
Look for places close to home, so is easier to take them at least once a week. And if your kids are old enough to play by themselves, take a book with you, and enjoy some time reading on the bench. Close enough that if they need you, all you need to do is look up and check how they’re doing. But still having a few minutes to yourself. After all, we all deserve a break.

4. Zoo, Botanical Garden, Picnic

Definitely not for every day, but at least once during this summer, would be fantastic to visit the Zoo, a Botanical Garden, make a picnic, or something similar.

5. Hike

Depending on the age of your kids, finding a nice scenic route and go on a hike can be a wonderful exercise for them and you as well.
It will be a wonderful experience to see new places, walk close to nature and exercise at the same time.
Look up online for national parks or other hiking places close to you.
If you are a photography lover like me, is a nice excuse to take your camera with you, get some candid’s of your family, and some nature shots.
Posting them on Facebook and bragging about your wonderful time is optional 😛

Hope this post encouraged you to take the kids outdoors this summer!

Have fun!

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