Welcome to Weaving

The Modern Guide

by Lindsey Campbell

I always felt an attraction to yarn crafts. Crochet was my first love and soon followed knitting. But I never (until now) gave myself the experience of trying weaving.  I saw pondered over starter kits with small looms at various crafts stores, yet I never grabbed one. I was intimidated, to be honest. Until this book came along. Welcome to weaving to me!

The countless photos showing step by step instructions showed me that is fairly simple to start a weaving project. And, yes, there are some techniques that will not suit a newbie like me, until I get those basics straight. But that is something beautiful about this book too. Is not something that will give you only the starter techniques, and live you longing for more. There is plenty to learn here.

Projects found in the book are truly lovely! They seem something that came out of an Anthropologie store. They are just a few projects, but with many instructions at the beginning of the books, I can see how it was hard to fit more projects.

The author encourages you to work on your basic stitches first, before moving onto a “real project”, which is great to be reminded of, when you just want to jump to those projects in the end.

I particularly liked the instructions on making your own loom, because I would prefer to have a DIY instead of buying one until I can be sure I will enjoy weaving. I already have an overflowing crafts room, so I try my best not to add something that won’t be used.

In summary, this book has all the instructions you need to get started. How to build your own loom, choosing fibers to work with, basic stitches and techniques, advanced techniques like embellishments and finishing, and more importantly projects that will produce a “final object” you can be proud off, and has the potential of looking like it was bought from one of those fancy and expensive stores.

You can find the book Welcome to Weaving HERE

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