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blog planner: free year planner printable pdf

Hello, fellow planner!! Or future planner!

As promised, I am adding pages to my FREE Blog Planner. If you wish to see all the pages included, go to my Blog Planner Project page, at the bottom of the post you will find links that lead to any new posts containing a new printable that makes part of the collection for your blog planner.

This new page will help you organize your time in advance for the year, and is good for any planner. You don’t need to be a blogger to use this one (duh!).

The Year at a glance page will help you keep all important yearly events on one page.

Use it do add reminders for birthdays, conferences you plan to attend, holidays to remember and keep an eye, so you can start planning before is too late.

For everyone that needs a hand organizing their time and getting it all on paper, this page is for any planner enthusiast, new or experienced in the addictive planning world. (yes, once you start planning, and see that everything flows so smoothly, that you don’t forget important events and tasks, that all your notes are pretty, easy to read and accessible, planning becomes quite addictive)


What to Use This Planner Page For:

  • Have an outline of the most relevant events of the year all in one page
  • Birthdays, so you can glance and know when is time to start planning a birthday party, when to buy presents, send cards or invitations, etc.
  • Events, conferences and such you plan to attend. Don’t forget to buy your tickets, book hotels or get ready to travel.
  • Holidays, if you’re a blogger and need to start writing about holiday-related stuff, get a reminder of what is coming. For non-bloggers, get a reminder to start planning if you wish to throw a party, have something special for the kids, decorate your home, etc.
  • Membership updates or cancellations. Do you have a yearly subscription that is about to expire? maybe it will renew itself and you want to cancel before you’re billed for another full year.
  • Cellphone contracts. Maybe you’re just waiting for your cellphone contract to expire and change providers, or you need a new phone, but can only upgrade it after a certain amount of time is passed.


For these and other reasons that are a way to personal and individual for me to know how you can use this planner page… you might want to download it and start planning!

Don’t forget is FREE!
What Else You Need To Know About This Planner Printable:
  • Letter size (8.5 in x 11 in). So any regular printer will do the job nicely.
  • It’s part of a Blog Planner Series, so you can get more pages free here: Blog Planner Project
  • There will be more pages like this that are for any planner, you can use this one if you’re a blogger, a mom, a mompreneur, fitness coach, anything!
  • I am currently taking request for more pages. You have something that you need for your personal planner? Ask away!

blog planner: free year planner printable pdf




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If you wish to support my work and help me keep free content coming, considering leaving a tip on Ko-Fi